What Happened When I Gained 40lbs


A year ago this week I was wearing a size two. I was the leanest I ever had been. IMG_2241

I was also packing my bags, leaving my ex-husband.

I was also starving.

I was also weighing every green bean and grape that entered my mouth.

I also thought I was fat & hated myself. Yes, in this picture I truly thought I needed to be smaller. My heart hurts as I type this, but what I saw--is not what I know you see when you look at that.

I was starving. I was unhappy. I was starving. I was miserable.


A year ago I stumbled upon my new gym home The Human Form. It was by accident, literally. I came here with a friend because she was going to meet a guy who worked there (who I later ended up dating), I was terrified for her that she was going alone so I came with her--what do you mean you're going to an empty gym alone to meet a man from the internet? I ended up landing the internship of a lifetime there and that's now where I do all of my personal training.

My first week there I watched the owners, Stephen and Michelle make smoothies pretty much everyday. I remember it like it was yesterday that they put 1/2 and avocado, 1 whole banana and some other fruit in there. There was also protein and veggies but all I could think about was how in one smoothie, they just consumed almost all of my fat intake for the day and about 3/4 of my carbs.

I was counting my macros and eating 25g of fat + 100g of carbs a day.

It was then, as the people I admired so much--and my boyfriend at the time, drank their smoothies--that I knew something was wrong with me.

Counting my macros was not healthy for me. I saw food in numbers and not for fuel. I was fearful of 5 extra grams of fat per day. Simultaneously I was binging like crazy because I was eating such a limited amount of food. Even with counting my macros, I was going crazy and living an extremely unhealthy life.

I vowed to myself that I would stop counting and start focusing on eating whole foods mindfully.

Having not done that though for 2 years, and just entering a new relationship, I ate. My now ex-boyfriend loved cooking for me, and I loved that he wanted to. It was all insanely healthy but I had been use to eating practically nothing and being hungry 24/7, so when I began to eat meals with him I was not only eating good stuff--I was eating his size portions of good stuff. I knew I was probably eating too much for my body, but for so long all I could think about was my next meal and a this point I no longer knew what enough (truly enough) looked like for my body.

I ate out at restaurants, for the first time in so long. I ate food I loved, I tried new things and eventually I stopped being so afraid of food.

It took me almost a year to come to a place where I know I'm okay without counting.

Last July I weighed a low of 120lbs. In December of this year I tipped the scale at my highest of 158.

That crushed my soul because I knew that while I finally felt truly strong for the first time ever, a lot of that weight came from not honoring my body through food. Which was really hard to swallow for me.

But something else happened.

Part of me wanted to hide because I knew how lean I could be, I knew where I had once been. But as I reflected on that, I realized that I was starting to love my body where it was. Even at 158. In the picture below I was 158, but I had never felt more sexy and confident in my life. That's what most women and competitors say though. "I love my curvy body". Most say it because they know what is happening and they are ashamed. And I was, I fought myself daily to love this body. But when I allowed myself to start letting that love be okay--what happened was magical.


In the beginning I felt that I could only love myself at 120 because 120 meant abs. I thought that 158 equaled that I was fat, not worthy of love. I based my love with myself on my gravitational pull with the universe.

Something clicked though, I started to be able to grab my butt. I had legs that didn't look like you could break them in half.

I finally, FINALLY realized that beauty, confidence and feeling sexy had nothing to do with abs. That it is OKAY to love your body without it looking like the cover of Oxygen Magazine.


So this year I gained 40lbs. I was recovering from an eating disorder that consumed every part of my being. The weight I gained wasn't all healthy, a lot of my old habits came up many times. This 40lbs is made up of learning how to eat for my body, honoring it through eating intuitively, and sometimes it was made up of ED mindset setbacks.

40lbs is a lot, I don't say that with rainbows and butterflies shooting out of my ass. But speaking of ass, I have one now. I have many things now that I choose to break society's version of beautiful and decide I was beautiful on my own.

Now, out of curiosity, I weighed myself and am chillin at 143. I love myself more at 143 than I ever did at 120. Because a number doesn't decide you're confident or beautiful--you decide that.

143 is good. My ED mindset isn't there, I can wake up and eat the foods I love that simultaneously fuel me and leave me feeling good. I can look in the mirror with a deep acceptance and love for my body. I'm actually strong. I can lift heavy shit well. I don't have dark circles under my eyes, I don't run out of energy in my workouts, I'm happy.

IMG_9792 143 vs.120IMG_1162

Strong Curves + radical self love VS. weak, extreme hate for my body.

I am beautiful because I decided I was. The freedom and confidence that came with that is earth shatteringly beautiful.

There are still days I feel my self love tank is dipping low, but I know now that self love is a choice and most importantly a journey, not an end goal.

So if you feel like you're struggling with self love because you don't look like a model, I challenge you to be okay with being a bit of a rebel and allowing yourself to decide what your version of beautiful is.


With a whole lot of love, shaky fingers and vulnerability,





50 Shades Of Healthy: Megan's Shade


Happy Wednesday my friends! Today I'm excited to share Megan's story. Megan is a busy mom who I just so happened to meet on instagram. Isn't social media cool? From day one, I've wanted this site to be an "organized pinterest" so to speak. I want to be a place that shares real life fitness, real tools and approaches that will help you reach your goals. I also want you to see that my way isn't the only or best way out there. With that, I've started the interviewing process with women on their own fitness journey as well as with other fitness professionals so you have a real and honest place to learn and grow.

That brings us to Megan. She's a mom who sparked my attention, her drive and passion (that emits through each post) inspired me to reach out to her so she can share with you all how that even though shes a busy mom, she's found a way to put herself first. Let's learn how!


Q:How long have you been living an active/fit lifestyle?

A:I got very serious about my fit lifestyle around two years ago.

Q:What made you decide to make a lifestyle change?

A:I was letting myself slip into a pattern of making excuses and being insecure, wanting to change and then doing nothing about it. Eventually I had to do something to live a happy life and not one full of regret. I was also motivated to get into shape for my wedding.

Q:What were some factors that got in your way, but you pushed through anyway on this journey?

A:I've had multiple road blocks along the way, such as an eating disorder mentality, financial instability, knee injuries, as well as the every day struggle of balancing my responsibilities as a mom.

Q:What type of training do you do and for how long?

A:Typically I lift weights 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. and I do short 20 min HIIT sessions (sprints on the dreaded treadmill) 4 days a week.

Q:Describe a typical workout:

A: I always start with whatever cardio I'm doing that day, then I usually move on to lifting, focusing on a specific body part. I finish up by doing floor work, such as planks, glute bridges, bear crawls, all those fun moves that engage most of your body.

Q:What is your favorite workout OR body part to train and why?

A: My favorite body part to train would be my glutes. I enjoy almost every exercise that targets those muscles. I'm confident about my butt, so it's enjoyable to work on improving something you love about yourself, rather than "fixing" something you hate.

Q: Mentally and physically how has this journey changed you?

A: Mentally, I've learned to love myself for my dedication and it's made me more confident over all. Self love is a huge thing I'm always working on. Physically, let's just say I finally look forward to wearing certain clothes, swim suits etc, rather than dreading it.

Q: Describe your style of eating:

A: I don't follow a diet plan. I just try my hardest every day to make healthy choices. Sometimes I eat 'perfectly' and sometimes I don't.

Q: What's a typical day of food look like for you?

A: I'm one of those people who struggles to eat breakfast, I usually have a protein shake, a smoothie with Greek yogurt, some fruit, something very small and simple. I snack on things like almonds, cauliflower, applesauce or just plain turkey slices. For lunch and dinner I just make sure to have lots of protein like chicken breast, fish, or ground turkey. with asparagus, broccoli, spinach, or something else along those lines. I eat really simple foods because I don't like to cook or spend money on fancy ingredients!

Q: Being a mom, you're setting a great example for your son--what are some things you teach him/have done about food/health so he carries that on with him as he grows up?

A: I want to teach my son the importance of trying new things. a lot of two year olds may not eat raw veggies, or green smoothies, but I try to include those things in his diet. That being said, I don't make him eat exactly what I eat, he still enjoys mac n cheese and pizza. just not all the time.

Q: What are three things you wish you would have known when you first started your journey?

A: I wish I would have known the importance of proper form! I injured both my knees and wasted time in physical therapy by trying to do too much too soon. Patience is important. so is the mindset that results are not instant.

Q: Tell us 1 thing your most proud of since beginning this journey and why:

A: I'm proud of the knowlege I've gained! I've developed a passion for not just fitness but learning, about fitness, nutrition, myself etc. I'm proud that I'm driven.


Thank you for sharing your story with us Megan!

Things I'm Loving


Happy Monday Friends! I wanted to share with you all some things I'm loving recently.

Strawberry EVERYTHING.

Put it on everything..OH MY GOSH. I'm loving my optimum nutrition gold standard whey and my strawberry cream cheese. The cream cheese on Ezekiel bread toast is the

photo (2)

photo (3)



Kodiak Cakes Pancake and Waffle Mix

If you follow me on instagram you know I've been having either waffles or pancakes made from this mix DAILY. They are just so fluffy and delicious. This week I made maple bacon pancakes, with actual bacon cooked in them. It was AMAZING. Recipe is on my instagram: @strongchicksrock. Also did some double chocolate chip ;)


photo (1)

The Sauna

Anyone else obsessed with the sauna? It's my new favorite way to end my workout. I love sweating and I feel like its 100% helping my complexion.


photo (5)


Magic Oil

Ok, so this awesome women reached out to me on instgram when I posted a picture of me getting electric stim on my low back. I've been having some serious low back pain due to my anterior pelvic tilt. She commented and said she had a blend of essential oils called "Magic Oil" that would alleviate my pain. Growing up with my super crunchy nana who would make us chew garlic, use oils and ward of fluoride like the devil..I knew I had to jump on this as I'm all for a holistic approach to pain management and health in general. I just got it a few days ago and OH MY GOSH.

I kid you not this lives up to its name 100%. I rubbed it on (my skeptical husband as my witness) and felt almost immediate relief. I've used it on my knee, my shoulder and my back the past few days and I can happily say I've been pain free! You can buy it here.

photo (4)


Workout Wednesday!


Hey friends! Loving today's workout because I added in one of my favorite core moves--plank drag throughs. Here's how it's done: what you're doing here is setting up two 5-10lb dumbbells and then getting in push up position, you'll then be picking up the dumbbell with the hand furthest away and pulling it under your body to the other side. We are really focusing on our core of course and balance/stability.

As always ladies, scale this workout to YOUR fitness level. That may mean doing less reps, taking more breaks or if you're advanced adding in an extra set. Train smart!


Xo Rachel

Workout Wednesday


Good morning beautiful ladies! Here's a brand spankin new workout Wednesday. This one will definitely make you sweat!

Training tips: As always, scale this workout to YOUR fitness level. 3-5 circuits is recommended but it depends physically where you're at. You want a weight that's challenging for each move but allows you to preform the move with precision.

When doing your KB swing remember you want to hinge at the hips and push your butt back towards the wall, NOT squat down. Let your thrust guide your arms up, don't force them, keep a slight bend in the knees just enough so you don't lock them out. When you thrust, squeeze your butt so hard like you're trying to keep pennies in there!

Now, go safely kick some ass. Xo Rachel


I Can't Believe I'm Sharing My Fitness Secret


HAPPY FRIDAY my beautiful friends!! I hope you all are off to a fantastic start. I've said it 100x but know this, your health isn't M-F, it's everyday. So don't lose sight of it this weekend.

Ok, enough is enough. I'm sure you're wondering what my big fitness secret is.....

Drum roll please.....

Less Is More.

Before you roll your eyes and click the page away (yes I know you were expecting the answer to be a magical trick to reaching your goals!) just listen.

Where It All Went Wrong

Be it through Pinterest, school, your boyfriend or Cosmo Magazine women (and men) have been programmed into thinking they need to spend 1-2 hours in the gym and that cardio is a must.

This couldn't be farther from the truth, I've trained over 100 women and successfully lost 45lbs myself, all without spending hours in the gym, doing a billion exercises or doing cardio. How? I'll tell you.

What Is Functional?

Your training should be functional and here's my version of that: Training that honors your body and it's natural movement patterns. Moving and using exercises the help you move better in everyday life. Crawling, pushing, pulling, carrying , picking up and putting down. When we train this way, we are training for life.


Some may look at this say and say "no way", they don't see how doing things so simple could get them any sort of results. That's ok, maybe they aren't ready.

I'm not saying you'll never touch a weight, because you will--a lot. The thing is, you can accomplish your goals doing very few movements, while simultaneously working your whole body, lose weight and gain that definition you want. All that, without pounding your body into the ground.

Here's How:

Take a look at this workout:

3x30ft foot hand crawl 3x12 kettlbell swing 3x10 inverted row 3x10 push ups

Breaking this down, you can see that when done right, the foot hand crawl uses every muscle in your body. Want to know how I got abs? I crawled, I kept my core tight and crawled some more. Our swings move us to the "cardio" portion of this workout. This is a ballistic movement, so much power, strength AND endurance coming from this move! Again, the swing uses every muscle! Now we go to the inverted row, because I added push ups to this I wanted to add a pull as well. Working both planes of the body (front and back) allows us to not just strengthen both, but get the most of our workout in a short period of time.

I see a lot of things like one legged bicep curls on the bosu ball. Why? Yes you are placed at an imbalance and your stability is being challenged but is this one move really helping you get the most out of your workouts and use your time wisely? Not so much!

So next time you train, think about your goals. Program your workouts to be functional and allow you to get he most bang for your buck each time!

Now go functionally kick some ass!


A Fitness Mentality That Is Total BS


Have you heard the phrase: "When you screw up, skip a workout, eat bad food, or sleep in. It doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club, there are about 7 billion of us."

I've seen this SO many times and it's something I just don't like. Why? Cool I'm glad you asked ;)

So let me get this right, only when I skip a workout or eat like shit I'm human? Now yes, I know I'm really stretching what is being said. Here's the thing though, everyone says this is a lifestyle..yet it's rare to find those who truly believe that.


If someone "falls off", meaning they might have had a bad weekend food wise, or they skipped a week or month of workouts, SO EFFING WHAT??????? Who cares. What did you fall off of? Are you riding a horse? You ate bad, now move on. Seriously. You get so caught up in "this is so bad, I ruined everything, my life is over" and you've been programmed to think that a bump in the road means you need to start over. This thinking is poop. Why? Because if a lifestyle had truly been adapted then you would continue to move on with life. The real "lifestyle change" comes from your mind. It's all how you see/eat and deal with food. You can eat like crap and quit, thinking you need to start over. Or you can eat crap, realize it didn't make you feel too hot and move on knowing that this is your life, and that mess ups may happen--and if they do it's truly okay.

Let's Fix The Problem

So this statement, is false. It contributes to the mentally of thinking you're not normal if you're not eating bad..which just perpetuates the fear of food, giving up, quitting and falling off. You're human, every moment of every day. Eating crappy doesn't qualify you as human, nor should it validate your reason for bingeing on a whole pizza.

We need to throw the words "fall off" out of our vocabs. Once you kicked those words to the curb, it's time to adopt a healthy mindset towards food and to truly see this as a lifestyle. I promise you when you do, this structure you've created in your mind of "start, eat crap, quit, start over" will go away.

A healthy life, is real life. When the two are separated in their own worlds is when things become a problem. Know that that healthy isn't an alien life form or a mysterious concept. Allow healthy to become who you are and not something you do Monday though Friday.



With Valentines day just a few days away I'm feeling extra happy and joyful and I wanted to share my joy with you all! Typically my online coaching services are $115 for the first month and $65 each month after that. BUT, until midnight on Valentines day I'm running an awesome deal that if you sign up with a friend you both only pay $65 each instead of $115!

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Here's how it works:

You'll each receive your own, customized training program. This program is based on your current fitness level, your goals and wether you want to train in the gym/home.

You'll also receive 2 exclusive ebooks to help you excel in your fitness journey that are complete with recipes, tips and bonus workouts!

Finally you'll get a personalized breakdown approach to food/nutrition. There's no one size fits all approach to food, so after a in depth consultation you'll receive a guideline to eating that not only helps you reach your goals but that's made up of foods you like!

You and your BFF will both have complete access to me. Having a rough day, need motivation, help at the store or during a workout..I'm here for you! You get my personal cell number to reach out to me anytime!


So, you ready? Grab a friend and shoot me an email to reserve your spot! I'm accepting 3 girls + their BFF's.

To get your spot send an email to with the header BFF!

Xoxo Rach

Workout Wednesday!


The good thing is today I know it's Wednesday..not Thursday and this is being posted on the right day haha. Today you're going to be crawling,pushing, pulling and pressing. To me, this is a perfect workout. Why? You see how I just listed what you'll be doing, the actions being taken by your body? Those are all movements you do on a daily basis in some way shape or form.

Strong Chicks Rock training goes beyond body image and into the mechanics of our body. Moving with intention, moving so when you bend down to pick up a case of water you don't hurt your back.

With that said, here is today's workout. As always scale this to YOUR fitness level. NEVER push through pain and modify as needed. I recommend doing 3-5 circuits of this based on your fitness level.

Enjoy :)


Workout Wednesday!


It's hump day so obviously that means we are going to be working on growing the rump today! I want you to follow the workout as laid out. Squats should always be first! Why? If you were to swing, step up and glute bridge THEN squat, you wouldn't be able to have as big of load on your back and move with precision because you would have used most of your energy up. Doing squats first allows you to knock em out with a good and challenging weight while maintaining great form!

As always scale this workout to YOUR fitness level, adjust weights as needed.


If you've never squatted before than I advise you to only attempt them once you've learned from a fitness professional. Squats are AMAZING, not only are they working your quads, glutes and hammies but you're engaging your core like crazy--hello abs! However this is a move, that needs to be learned the right way. Jumping right in without proper knowledge and mechanics of the squat can lead to injury so train smart!

Xo Rach

Workout Wednesday!


Happy Hump Day! Today you're doing a mix of all of my favorite lower body movements! Working towards sculpting those legs for summer.. Or just life in general, because hey, we're training for life. Not just 3 hot months.

As always adjust weights as needed based on your fitness level. The workout should be preformed for a total of 3-5 circuits, again this is based on YOUR fitness level.

Now go rock it!


Xo Rach

Workout Wednesday!


Woohoo! Another Wednesday, another SCR workout. This one I'm super pumped about because I'm sharing one of my favorite variations of planks that really target your core and your upper body! Here we go:

As always, adjust the weights used to your fitness level. You should be using a weight that challenges you but still allows you to perform the move with proper form. Depending if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced you can adjust the amount of circuits. I recommend 3-5 total circuits!


Hope you guys kill it today!


My Body Doesn't Define Me


When I first started working out after I had my son, my fitness journey was about gaining strength and most importantly confidence. I had( still have) stretch marks like crazy and my confidence was at an all time low. Though, I'd never thought highly of myself sadly. Shortly after I began my journey I found instagram, and I found the fitness community there. At first I thought it was amazing. I started following these strong women, and I was inspired. Then I let what I saw warp my mind. I saw the "ab progress photo" and thought to myself "when I have abs I'll be happy". Everything I knew that was right, keeping a good mindset, getting fit for myself, loving me for my own strength and not abs, it all went away.

I looked at myself in the mirror 100x a day, waiting to get abs. I still ate healthy and worked out normal but my mind went somewhere else. I got abs, and I posted them all the time. Before you think I'm the biggest douche on the planet just keep reading. I let my abs define me and my fitness.

That was two years ago, that was at the beginning of Strong Chicks Rock. Now you can check my instagram and you won't see ab shots. Why? Because abs don't define me. They don't make me better, or more healthy than someone else. I may have them, but who cares?

A learner you, or a you with abs, isn't a better you. It's just a different body.

Am I proud, yes. I'm very proud of myself , but I'm not proud that I let 12 inches of skin define me and SCR. Nor is that the example I want to show women, that they should strive for abs. You should strive for wellness.

It's easy to get wrapped up in social media. To see abs as the defining moment in your health and fitness journey. Abs don't mean anything though.

Your strength isn't defined by your abs, how healthy you are doesn't show in your abs. I might as well hold my pinky up and say "LOOK, look here at my pinky. See how healthy I am!!!"

Don't get me wrong, I'm pro selfie, I'm pro sharing progress with social media. If it's all done with the right mindset. Abs aren't bad at all, I love abs. What is different is how I see abs, and the role that they play--or I let them no longer play in my mind. They may be there, but I measure my healthy, and you should measure yours too, based on how you feel, your strength and your confidence without the superficial aspects.


" A Strong Chick is a woman on a mission to be the best version of herself she can be. She strives to have a healthy body and mind. She is smart with her training and what she puts into her body. She is ever learning and growing. She has chosen to take control of her life, to not just gain physical strength, but mental strength as well. She is kind, she is powerful, she is in control." -Me..Rachel Turner

Monday Q&A


I hope you've all had a gorgeous Monday! Today I'm answering some random health and fitness questions that I've gotten this week. Enjoy!

Q: "Do you recommend taking a multi vitamin? If so which ones, why and why not?"

A: If you would have asked me two years ago I would have said yes. The reason my view has changed to more on the no side, is because not everyone needs or will benefit from a multi vitamin. Vitmains and supplements should be taken when and if you are deficient in something. For example, if you're someone who's never outside and doesn't get any vitamin D, then I would suggest supplementing vitamin D (as well as go outside a bit more!). If you're a very healthy person, eating a lot of nutrient dense food then you should be getting the majority of vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, My recommendation if you don't do that, is to start eating more super foods and more foods that provide your body with the nutrients it needs. So no, you don't need any multi vitamins! If you do by chance go and get one (though I still stand firm in you adding the right foods into your diet!), you must always by a high quality one. GNC brand will not cut it, the pill is so diluted that the quality of the pill is a 10 on a scale of 1-100. Search for a high quality brand!

Q: "I feel bloated all of the time, I don't know what to do. HELP!"

A: I take bloating as a sign from out bodies that something isn't right. It can come from many things but the first place that I look at is the food you're eating. This is typically the problem, and it's also a quite easy thing to fix! So there are some general inflammatory foods. Inflammatory foods are ones that cause digestion problems, lead to bloating, cause acne and gas just to name a few. These are common trigger food groups:

-Grains -Legumes -Dairy -Sugar

It's hard to know which of these may be causing you an issue right off the bat, so the best thing to do is test things out. Wake up and have some water, eat a pretty basic breakfast of something not on the list above so you start the day not feeling bloated. Then try grains, maybe oats or a sandwich. If you notice bloating/gas, then you've found one of your trigger foods.

Gas/bloating isn't normal, I've learned what works best for my body resulting in me not having gas or being bloated anymore! I thought farting 20x a day was normal until I found how good my body felt from eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong! I hope this helps those of you who asked me questions this week!

Leave a comment below with what you'd like me to answer for you next week.


Becoming Fearlessly Fit!


Are you someone who shys away from the gym? Or maybe someone who goes, but stays away from the weight room? This is something so completly common in women unfortunately. What is it that has made you fear the gym? Is it the other people there or lack of knowledge when it comes to what to do? Theres no wrong answer, but both answers have solutions.

People use to tell me all the time (because I was dealthy afraid of the gym, like sick to my somach afraid) "Whats the worse thing that could happen?". As they asked this I created a list a mile long in my head of all the things that could happen.

What is Fear?

Here's the thing. The story we ae playing in our heads is just that. A story. You've walked into the the gym and already told yourself that you are going to fail. You've played out the situation. You know if you go over to the squat rack that someone will stare at you and make you feel bad. You already know this.

image Whats the easiest way to stop the stories in our head from playing at 100mph? Realize this, fear is just an emotion. Just like happiness and excitement. We can choose to be happy, and we can choose to be fearful. It's important to know that fear isn't a man with an axe running after you. It is only an emotion we give power to. One that we 100% don't need to.

Getting Over Fear

I'm not saying that if you think of rainbows and butterflies that you'll never encounter fear. Trust me, I know fear. I suffered from serve anxiety for years. When I realized I had a choice though, to not let fear consume me. My life changed. When I feel those feelings creeping up in my mind I acknowledge them, I realize they are there and I keep going. I don't feed their thoughts, I don't plant a story. I let them come as they are, then let it go. I still may feel nervous occasionally, but I know that fear isn't real.

I know what you're thinking, well no I don't but if you were anything like me then maybe these thoughts are running through your head. "You're a trainer it's easy for you to say that" or "Yeah think happy thoughts and I can do everything I wanted..yeah right". Those are both valid thoughts, truly.

Think of this, the olympian athlete didn't just wake up one day and acquire super human strength over night. He decided he had goals, and in order to meet them he had to put in work. Even if he didn't always like it or feel comfortable he had to, if he wanted to reach the olympics.

This is the same with dealing with fear. We don't want to live a fearful life, we want to be happy and confident. Not just in the gym but in life. Evey step we take to achieve this may not always be easy and it definitely may not always be comfortable. Think of the alternative though, a life never reaching goals. Never accomplishing the things you want because you feed the story of fear to your mind.

So, lets bring it back to the gym. You've never lifted before, or maybe you have in private but never in a gym setting. That's ok. The people you see rocking it, all started out somewhere. They made mistakes and still make mistakes. You have to be ok with being new at something. You must accept that it's ok to look silly, or do something wrong. That's all part of learning and growing. Everyone in the gym from pro athletes to beginners are in there to progress. You don't reach your goal then say F it and never come back . You stay to learn and grow.

The gym is a school of fitness (I say this lightly..). Walk in knowing that you won't give power to your negative thoughts. Focus on yourself, not on others. I promise you, they are focusing on themselves..not on you!

Your Fearlessly Fit Workout

Here's a workout to take with you to the gym, each move is linked to a YouTube video that shows proper form. Keep this post up with you when you go to the gym and click the links as needed so you know what to do.

Adjust weight based on fitness level. Do 3-5 rounds of this workout, again based on your fitness level. Form is key, so if you feel your form lacking then lower your reps.

Weighted walking lunges x10 R/L Push ups x10 Box step ups x12 R/L TRX rows x10 Bugarian split squat x10 R/L

Know that you freaking rock and you can do this! You are not bound to cardio and abs. Take control of your mind.

You are a Strong Chick.

xo Rach

Friday Fit Tip!

Happy Friday everyone! Let's get into our first Friday Fit Tip...

Cardio is on the menu today. While steady state cardio (running on the treadmill, using the elliptical) can deffintley benefit us in ways. It's not the only way, nor best way to achieve our goals. More so if fat loss is our goal.


For those of you that have been running mindlessly on the treadmill hoping for a way to reach your goals in a more efficient way.. I have your answer.

HIIT or high intensity interval training.

What is it?

HIIT is working at intervals. Giving 100% all out effort (with proper form) for the allotted "work" time then rest for a short period and beginning again.

Where you were spending 30-60min doing cardio before, now with HIIT you'll be burning 2x the amount of calories in your cardio session AND be done in less than half the time. With most HIIT sessions lasting anywhere from 10-30 min, you are blasting fat like a mother trucker.

If you thought you were someone on a plataeu, I highly encourage you adding this form of training to your programming 2-3x a week. You'll notice signifigat changes in your body.

The Benefits

Healthier Heart: One study has shown that after 12 weeks of incorporating HIIT training the studies where able to bike DOUBLE the amount they could before!

Happier Insides: Research has also shown that you can improve your insuiln sensitivity by 25%. That alone, is just incredible to me. By adding 2-3 HIIT sessions a week, your body from the inside out it completely improving and becoming fitter, and healthier.

Happier Weight Loss: Where once you had thought you had to spend hours doing cardio you can now achieve double if not triple the results by spending less than an hour a week doing this.


One thing needs to be clear, HIIT is great. However, you need to adjust accroding to your fitness level. If you've never worked out before and you're trying to demolish a HIIT workout, you are likely to injure yourself. So let's be smart. Take this workout below and adjust as needed for your fitness level. By that, I mean maybe you'll do less rounds or stretch your resting period by an extra 5 seconds.

20 seconds kettlebell swings 10 second rest 20 second split jack lunges 10 second rest 20 seconds jump squats 10 second rest

1-2 min rest then repeat the circuit again for 7-10 circuits.

See what I'm saying, that's only 7-10 active minutes of training!

You can add a HIIT workout to the end of a normal workout, or if you want you could just make a HIIT routine your workout for the day!

What do you think, will you be adding more HIIT into your training?

Would you guys like more HIIT workouts to be added?

Have a great weekend.


What Is Strong Chicks Rock?


That's a great question, I'm glad you asked. When you come to this site, it's name! This site isn't about me though, it's the home for my career, my love, my gift to the world, Strong Chicks Rock.


Strong Chicks Rock, also SCR, started as an online personal training business 2 years ago. As a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, I wanted to start my "Job" asap. From the moment my certificate landed in my hands though, I KNEW I would never be a "normal" trainer. I didn't want to work in a gym. Not for me. I wanted to create a community for women, made up of women all striving towards one goal. To become the best versions of themselves possible through a healthy lifestyle.

It was wonderful and I was able to help women from all over the world reach their goals. For me, this wasn't enough though. SCR needed to become more.

With the over abundance of health and fitness resources there are out there, but still hundreds and thousands of women so beyond lost and confused where to go I finally knew what I had to do.

The Result I like to call what Strong Chicks Rock has now become, is a mix between a magazine and an "organized pinterest". Basically my goal is to bring to you, the woman who has just started her fitness journey, or the advanced athlete, a place to come learn and grow. A place to really, truly and honestly learn what the heck to do with your fitness journey. Covering a multitude of topics from form, workouts, food, diet fads, training tips, gear and so much more (que the cheesy music here).


This is a place for you to grow not only physically through your journey, but mentally as well. As we go deeper than the normal, "how to find the motivation to workout", or 5 foods to bust fat (don't worry--we'll hit those as well), you will truly discover how to live a fitness and spiritually balanced life.

We'll get down and dirty with meditation, mindfulness. This isn't just a place for fitness, but over all wellness. Fueling our minds with clarity, our muscles with strength our hearts with peace and our bodies with balance.

Come learn and grow with me, and the other contributing writers on this site!

Gym Rat Want A Cookie?


Don't let me fool you for one second..Just because I'm a trainer and health and fitness are my life, doesn't mean your girl doesn't love a good cookie. Heres my two sense on cookies (and other sinful treats). When you decided to make a lifestyle change and align your eating habits to not only reach your goals, but to feel better as well, cookies don't just disappear. They will always be there, the difference now though is that we have a choice.

Red pill or blue bill...(the matrix)

But really, you can choose the cookie and deal with it giving you the sugar high and everything that comes with it. AKA: wanting another cookie, and another one, and another one.


We can choose to ignore the annoying voice in our head that wants us to give into old ways, and we can get creative. There are SO many clean dessert recipes out there. Plenty to replace those tollhouse cookies. Let me be clear though real quick, one of the points of changing a lifestyle is to cut out the negatives and not fall back in old ways. So for you, that means we don't always make a "clean treat" when we want it. However, my point here is that on special occasions, or days when you just think you need a treat, always try and health it up.


If you're not a baker though, and don't want to be creative that is a-ok. My best friend Devon and I found Cappellos cookies at Earth Fare (like Whole Foods in Polaris!). These chocolate chip cookies actually taste amazing--because lets be honest, not all "clean treats" taste the best. They have great flavor and best of all the wont piss your body off. The cool thing about them is that they are technically paleo. If you don't know what that means heres the DL: they are grain free, sugar free, dairy free. Basically there aren't any inflammatory foods.

Yes, I already know what you're thinking. If they are free of all the normal yummy stuff then I must be lying. I kid you not, I like these better than "normal" cookies.

So go check these out, or have fun whipping up your own healthy alternative. Fit people love their cookies too. It's not that we can't have the sugary and poisonous ones. It's that we know that when we eat like crap, we feel like crap.


We Are Assless.


We are a generation of assless people. Sitting on our buts ALL THE TIME. image

People would rather veg out on netflix for days on end than spend time in the real world, moving our bodies.

Thanks to our sit to move ration, we are left with pancake rumps.

Can we as women unite to change this nonsense? I'm not telling you to be the next J Lo, unless you want then by all means go ahead. Lets just get off our asses and move more.

Walk more, train more..whatever you do, just don't continue to sit around.

In the spirit of our butts, here's a glute focused workout to get things going.

Warm up for 5 min

3x15 weighted glute bridges 3x12 goblet squat 3x15 sumo squat 3x20 weighted walking lunges 3x15 curtsy lunges 3x5 pistol squats R/L

Now get to it and stop sitting!