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50 Shades Of Healthy: Megan's Shade


Happy Wednesday my friends! Today I'm excited to share Megan's story. Megan is a busy mom who I just so happened to meet on instagram. Isn't social media cool? From day one, I've wanted this site to be an "organized pinterest" so to speak. I want to be a place that shares real life fitness, real tools and approaches that will help you reach your goals. I also want you to see that my way isn't the only or best way out there. With that, I've started the interviewing process with women on their own fitness journey as well as with other fitness professionals so you have a real and honest place to learn and grow.

That brings us to Megan. She's a mom who sparked my attention, her drive and passion (that emits through each post) inspired me to reach out to her so she can share with you all how that even though shes a busy mom, she's found a way to put herself first. Let's learn how!


Q:How long have you been living an active/fit lifestyle?

A:I got very serious about my fit lifestyle around two years ago.

Q:What made you decide to make a lifestyle change?

A:I was letting myself slip into a pattern of making excuses and being insecure, wanting to change and then doing nothing about it. Eventually I had to do something to live a happy life and not one full of regret. I was also motivated to get into shape for my wedding.

Q:What were some factors that got in your way, but you pushed through anyway on this journey?

A:I've had multiple road blocks along the way, such as an eating disorder mentality, financial instability, knee injuries, as well as the every day struggle of balancing my responsibilities as a mom.

Q:What type of training do you do and for how long?

A:Typically I lift weights 5-6 days a week for at least an hour. and I do short 20 min HIIT sessions (sprints on the dreaded treadmill) 4 days a week.

Q:Describe a typical workout:

A: I always start with whatever cardio I'm doing that day, then I usually move on to lifting, focusing on a specific body part. I finish up by doing floor work, such as planks, glute bridges, bear crawls, all those fun moves that engage most of your body.

Q:What is your favorite workout OR body part to train and why?

A: My favorite body part to train would be my glutes. I enjoy almost every exercise that targets those muscles. I'm confident about my butt, so it's enjoyable to work on improving something you love about yourself, rather than "fixing" something you hate.

Q: Mentally and physically how has this journey changed you?

A: Mentally, I've learned to love myself for my dedication and it's made me more confident over all. Self love is a huge thing I'm always working on. Physically, let's just say I finally look forward to wearing certain clothes, swim suits etc, rather than dreading it.

Q: Describe your style of eating:

A: I don't follow a diet plan. I just try my hardest every day to make healthy choices. Sometimes I eat 'perfectly' and sometimes I don't.

Q: What's a typical day of food look like for you?

A: I'm one of those people who struggles to eat breakfast, I usually have a protein shake, a smoothie with Greek yogurt, some fruit, something very small and simple. I snack on things like almonds, cauliflower, applesauce or just plain turkey slices. For lunch and dinner I just make sure to have lots of protein like chicken breast, fish, or ground turkey. with asparagus, broccoli, spinach, or something else along those lines. I eat really simple foods because I don't like to cook or spend money on fancy ingredients!

Q: Being a mom, you're setting a great example for your son--what are some things you teach him/have done about food/health so he carries that on with him as he grows up?

A: I want to teach my son the importance of trying new things. a lot of two year olds may not eat raw veggies, or green smoothies, but I try to include those things in his diet. That being said, I don't make him eat exactly what I eat, he still enjoys mac n cheese and pizza. just not all the time.

Q: What are three things you wish you would have known when you first started your journey?

A: I wish I would have known the importance of proper form! I injured both my knees and wasted time in physical therapy by trying to do too much too soon. Patience is important. so is the mindset that results are not instant.

Q: Tell us 1 thing your most proud of since beginning this journey and why:

A: I'm proud of the knowlege I've gained! I've developed a passion for not just fitness but learning, about fitness, nutrition, myself etc. I'm proud that I'm driven.


Thank you for sharing your story with us Megan!