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I'm an open protein-oholic. I just love protein bars and powder. As a trainer and fitness nutrition specialist though, I know my love of protein crack isn't the best. It's always best to get your protein from whole food sources things like:

  • Meat (chicken, fish, steak ect)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Eggs (specifically the whites, as the yolk is a fab source of healthy fat)


However, sometimes a protein shake is just necessary (well, sorta). Whether you're time crunched, can't keep food cold, have a hard time reaching your protein intake for the day ect, a shake or bar is a great thing to have on hand to get the protein you need if you're lacking it.

With SO many protein powders on the market it's hard to know which is best for YOU and your goals/body. Not all protein powders are made the same way. Just like with the meat or veggies you buy, you want a protein that is good quality and not a cheap one that is created with more fillers than it is protein.

My Top 5:

Below are my top 5 favorite protein powders, I've chosen five in all different price ranges and I explain why I like them!


1. Jay Robb


Jay Robb is by far my favorite protein powder on the market as far as ingredients goes, and overall high quality. 100% natural, no funky ingredients coming in with 25g of protein per serving.

Pros: Great "clean" source of protein.

Cons: Most expensive on the list. Amazon sells it for $37.00 for 23 servings BUT you can find it at your local grocery store for $25-27. Also, this is NOT good for baking.

Overall: If you're looking for a clean and natural protein powder solely for drinking, you won't find one better than this.

Price: $$$

2. Quest Protein


Quest is an awesome protein! The first time I tried this and I had vanilla, my initial reaction was that it was too sweet for me. I used it to make fruit smoothies and it was perfect though. Fast forward a few months and I got my hands on chocolate and it's PERFECT. Quest is a high quality protein blend and is phenomenal for cooking with. It's good mixed with water, baking or a blended shake. It's thick JUST like ice cream (though you can water it down to a consistency you like). This is the only protein powder I will bake with now because it's that good.

Pros: Taste is 10/10, great for baking/pudding, moderately priced for such a high quality, good no matter what it's mixed with (water/milk). 22g of protein per serving!

Cons: Honestly, can't think of any.

Price: $$ Can be bought on www.questnutrition.com OR at your local supplement store.

3. Metabolic Nutrition: Protizyme


I'm a huge fan of all of Metabolic Nutrition's products. My body responds really well to their whole line and their flavors are on point! I've tried the peanut butter cookie and it's hands down my absolute favorite flavored protein powder out there. This tasted great mixed with water and milk and baked really well too.

Pros: Taste is 10/10, comes in multiple flavors, is well priced per serving, 26g protein per serving! They also have a great digestive enzyme complex that makes this protein powder easier on your body to digest.

Cons: The ingredient list is a little bigger than the ones I've listed, however this doesn't rule it out for me as I trust the company and the ingredients aren't foreign to me.

Price: $$ Rounds out to be $1.90 per serving. $49.00 for 2lbs, with 26 servings. Supplement stores carry this for a cheaper price though!

4. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey


This was one of the first protein powders I ever used and it's always my go to if I can't decide. It's a high quality protein that tastes great. Simple and to the point with buttloads of flavors to choose from.

Pros: Can be found at all supplement stores, high quality, flavor is 9/10 and is one of the more inexpensive protein powders I like.

Cons: Not as great to bake with.

Price: $ This is pretty much always on sale at supplement stores or on www.bodybuilidng.com


5. Cellucor


Cellucor is probably one of the most popular protein powders out there. I love it because the flavors are 10/10, it tastes great and again this is another great protein to bake with.

Pros: Easy to find, inexpensive, great flavor, 25g protein per serving!

Cons: None that I have.

Price: $ Can be found on their site, or www.bodybuilding.com

Friday Fit Tip!

Happy Friday everyone! Let's get into our first Friday Fit Tip...

Cardio is on the menu today. While steady state cardio (running on the treadmill, using the elliptical) can deffintley benefit us in ways. It's not the only way, nor best way to achieve our goals. More so if fat loss is our goal.


For those of you that have been running mindlessly on the treadmill hoping for a way to reach your goals in a more efficient way.. I have your answer.

HIIT or high intensity interval training.

What is it?

HIIT is working at intervals. Giving 100% all out effort (with proper form) for the allotted "work" time then rest for a short period and beginning again.

Where you were spending 30-60min doing cardio before, now with HIIT you'll be burning 2x the amount of calories in your cardio session AND be done in less than half the time. With most HIIT sessions lasting anywhere from 10-30 min, you are blasting fat like a mother trucker.

If you thought you were someone on a plataeu, I highly encourage you adding this form of training to your programming 2-3x a week. You'll notice signifigat changes in your body.

The Benefits

Healthier Heart: One study has shown that after 12 weeks of incorporating HIIT training the studies where able to bike DOUBLE the amount they could before!

Happier Insides: Research has also shown that you can improve your insuiln sensitivity by 25%. That alone, is just incredible to me. By adding 2-3 HIIT sessions a week, your body from the inside out it completely improving and becoming fitter, and healthier.

Happier Weight Loss: Where once you had thought you had to spend hours doing cardio you can now achieve double if not triple the results by spending less than an hour a week doing this.


One thing needs to be clear, HIIT is great. However, you need to adjust accroding to your fitness level. If you've never worked out before and you're trying to demolish a HIIT workout, you are likely to injure yourself. So let's be smart. Take this workout below and adjust as needed for your fitness level. By that, I mean maybe you'll do less rounds or stretch your resting period by an extra 5 seconds.

20 seconds kettlebell swings 10 second rest 20 second split jack lunges 10 second rest 20 seconds jump squats 10 second rest

1-2 min rest then repeat the circuit again for 7-10 circuits.

See what I'm saying, that's only 7-10 active minutes of training!

You can add a HIIT workout to the end of a normal workout, or if you want you could just make a HIIT routine your workout for the day!

What do you think, will you be adding more HIIT into your training?

Would you guys like more HIIT workouts to be added?

Have a great weekend.