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Truth Bomb Tuesday


  I like to talk about the things other people won't talk about.

Have you noticed in the health and fitness industry that you see the same things being repeated all the time, just by different people? Yeah, me too.

SCR has a strict no bs policy. So, without further ado...Todays truth: A "fit" person eating something 'unhealthy' doesn't give you permission to as well.


Here's the deal, have you ever seen a really ripped chick on instagram down a burger + fries + milkshake and a whole row of oreos in one sitting then post a picture of her abs in the morning and you're like:

What the heck?

Are you real?

Then you go mosey into town and your friends want to grab dinner and you're first like "Oh salad please" then, Sally Sue Ripped To Shreds from IG pops in your head and you remember that she ate a burger and woke up lean, so now you'll do the same.

Hey, I'm not pointing fingers here. I think at some point this thought has graced us all.

If you ever see me eat something like ice cream *gasp*, just because I have a title of "Personal Trainer" doesn't mean my body does something magical with it and turn that straight into glorious muscle..sadly. So, don't fool yourself. Don't let what someone in the fitness industry does dictate how you eat, or "grant permission" for you to indulge.

The choice to indulge is up to you, on what you want, and when you want. It's so important to always remember to keep the focus on your own journey though. The people you see eating crazy food and waking up seemingly unaffected, well--who knows. Maybe it was a reefed day for this person, maybe they are someone who can eat a ton and not physically be affected (on the outside--insides are going crazy). Whatever the reason they have, it doesn't pertain to you.

As you decide what meals you're about to consume, eat for your body, what works for you, and what makes you feel good. No one else's choices give you permission for anything--only you do.






3 Tips To Reach Weight Loss Goals Faster


It's safe to say everyone wants quick results. I mean who wouldn't want to reach their goals sooner than later? I've narrowed down 3 tips that will help you punch your excuses in the face and reach your goals quicker than normal. Ready? WEIGHTLOSS


Tip #1: Pick One Plan

While this may seem obvious to some, a lot of women get distracted and unintentionally self sabotage their progress by jumping from program to program. A few things happen here. One, you see a friend doing something different from you and maybe they are getting killer results. Now you second guess the plan you've chosen and start theirs. Two, you don't give your program enough time. Yes, progress can happen fast. However, if you don't see progress within a week or two it doesn't mean your program isn't working the way it should. This issue stems from our desire of instant gratification. You expect that because you've started a new plan the weight will fall off like melting butter. The truth is you have to give it time.

Bottom Line: If you keep changing programs or starting and stopping you're never fully giving your body the chance to adapt and get going with progress. Sticking  to one thing for at least four weeks will allow you to see the kind of results that you're fully capable of getting by staying consistent.


Tip #2: Show Up

Following along with tip #1, it's not enough to simply purchase a program or buy a gym membership. If you have a goal of losing 10lbs and you bought a program and let it sit on your desk, nothing is going to happen. Sadly there hasn't been a way to get a rockin bod through osmosis yet (one can only dream). Simply having good intentions won't do you any good. You must show up everyday to your meals and your workouts. If you're unhappy with your results ask yourself if you've shown up and given 100% to whatever program it is that you're following.

Bottom Line: Results come from consistently showing up and being 100% with your fitness and nutrition. 1/7 days a week won't cut it if you're serious about reaching your goals. By showing up, and staying committed you are guaranteed to get results and maintain them!


Tip #3: Love What You Do

I LOVE the way I train!!!! Do you? If you're training in a way that makes you dread your workouts, something needs to change. Don't get me wrong, my workouts kick my butt but I enjoy the movements. I don't enjoy typical bodybuilding workouts, hence why I started and stopped training for my bikini competition FIVE times. Five. That's ridiculous. It's not because I couldn't do the workouts, it's because I got 0 enjoyment out of the way I was training. I hated it. I felt silly because it wasn't natural for me. When you love your workouts or style of training you are so much more likely to show up to your workouts and give them 100% because they aren't seen as chore, resulting in better physical results :)

Bottom Line: When you train in a way you enjoy, you are 100% more likely to stay committed and show up to each workout and give 100% effort which will lead to better and quicker results.


Now, go get some killer results!

In Light & Love,