coconut flour baking



When I first started really getting back into my health and fitness routine after my son was born 3 years ago I was BIG into healthy baking/cooking. I was always trying to whip up a new creation. I find so much joy in taking an unhealthy recipe and recreating it into something healthy. I like knowing that I can still reach my goals and not feel crappy after eating a treat. With that said, not all "unhealthy" treats make me feel gross, I think it's more so the fact I don't want ONE cookie. I want 57. We all know though that there is no way for me to feel good, and reach my goals eating 57 cookies. Bring in healthier baking, this allows you to enjoy a treat (more than one) while still staying on track! I always have these staples in my kitchen no matter what! These items last for SO long. So you don't have to worry about buying these all the time.


1. Coconut Flour


Coconut flour is one of my favorite baking flours. This is the brand I typically use because it can be found at most stores! Coconut flour is extremely absorbent. I love this about it. You'll be using more liquid than flour so the flour lasts for a long time. You CAN'T use this in place of wheat/white or any other flour. Because of the absorbency of this you'll need to scale the ratios down.

My favorite things to make with it: Cookie dough, pancakes, mug cakes, cookies.

2. Oat Flour


Oat flour ROCKS. I freaking love this stuff. This is a more universal healthy baking flour and you can use it to replace most basic flours. DON'T buy oat flour at the store as it is a huge waste of money. You can buy normal oatmeal from any store, bring it home, and blend it until it resembles flour. It literally takes under 5 seconds and it will save you SO much money!

Things I make with it: Pancakes/waffles, muffins, cookies, breading for meat, added to meatloaf, mug cakes, brownies.



Stevia is a plant based sweetener and it's amazing. This is the only thing I use to sweeten my food. It's actually the only sweetener out there that doesn't raise your insulin levels, which when you're trying to lose weight is a good thing. It's all natural because it's plant based and it can go in anything. I actually just made a protein cheesecake using this in place of normal sugar and you would never know..yes, that's how good it is.

Things I make with it: Add to coffee, cookies, brownies, oatmeal, salad dressings, mug cakes,add to greek yogurt....ANYTHING that needs to be sweet.

4. Extracts


Extracts are the bomb dot com. Eating healthy can be mistaken as eating bland...we never want that to happen. You just have to know how to spice up your food. When I'm making I LOVE using extracts to give my food a more exciting flavor. My favorites to use are maple, vanilla and butter. Adding vanilla and butter to greek yogurt with some stevia makes it taste more like cookie dough (add some chocolate chips in there and you're in for a real treat!). Or I add maple to my healthy donuts for a maple bacon donut. The possibilities are endless!

Things I make with it: Add to anything you're baking (cookies, cakes, brownies, ect), add to protein shakes to change up the flavor, greek yogurt (this is awesome because it saves you a TON of sugar by doing this instead of buying flavored yogurts!).


5.Coconut Oil


It's not that regular oil isn't okay (depending on the oil), it's that I can literally shave my legs or add this oil to my brownies. It's a multi purpose oil and I love it haha. it has so many benefits and so many uses that it would be crazy NOT to have this on hand. If a recipe calls for oil I definitely don't use applesauce because I don't like the consistency it makes. I 100% of the time use this! No ones the difference at all.

Things I make with it: Chocolate sauce, granola, anything that calls for oil.