Truth Bomb Tuesday


Raise your hand if:

  • You've ever been afraid to selfie in public
  • You've been nervous to go to the gym
  • Embarrassed to dance in public
  • There's been a time you weren't your true self because you were afraid of what others would think

I'm sure if you were honest with yourself, there has been at least one point where one or more of those have applied to you. ALL of them described me and my life.

I wouldn't take pictures even if it was for work because I was embarrassed. #truth

I didn't work out in the gym because I thought everyone would look at me if I messed up. #truth

I lived my life in fear that If I did what I truly wanted to do someone would judge me and think I was weird. #truth


Isn't that crazy? That I lived so much of my life in fear. I know without a doubt that I am not the only person who's felt that way.

I always craved a life where I could just be myself, be carefree, not locked down by the opinions of others but I let fear stop me. Do you ever look at other girls and think "wow, I wish I could be happy or __________ like her?".

You can.

It took me a long time to figure this out. It's no secret, but it's something that I don't think women get. We may hear it and think "yeah that sounds easy enough", but to truly apply what I'm going to share with you is something that is rarely done.


Let's Jump Together

No book, movie, blog or even me can tell you "this is how you can be happy" and in an instant it will truly make you happy and be able to live carefree. That is something that has to be done on it's own. It's a choice only you can make.


Breathe into your feelings. Feel your feelings.

That's it.

Simple huh?

Let me explain:


Selife-ing in public makes you nervous right? Instead of focusing on those nerves, making them bigger and allowing them to win and shut you down from what you're about to do--FEEL IT. Acknowledge those feelings of nervousness, literally breathe in, acknowledge the knot in your stomach, then let it go.

What we typically do is feed the fear. We grow that knot in our stomachs and allow it to take over.

You know you are in control of your emotions though? Maybe you don't. Because I certainly didn't know. If I felt scared, BOOM, I was done--peace out to whatever I was about to do because I let fear have the reigns.

Something amazing happens though, we don't give up control and when we realize that there is nothing at the end of fear. Fear isn't a man chasing you with an axe. Which is how most people treat it, that if they do the thing that scares them something mentally is going to happen. Nothing will though. Well, I take it back. A sense of accomplishment will fill your heart, you confidence may rise, your belief in yourself will grow. To me, that sounds like a win.

So, how do we grow? How do we selfie in public? Dance without caring? ROCK LIFE? We feel, all the emotions. Breathe them in, don't feed them and make them bigger but acknowledge their presence and go fourth with life knowing that nothing bad will happen from doting that things that you feel are scary.