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Cardio? No thanks. Try These 3 Workouts Instead!


I talk a whole lot about how here at Strong Chicks Rock we are "fitness rebels" and we don't follow fitness norms. That encompasses many different aspects of our community but one of the bigger aspects of that is how we train, specifically in regards to cardio. We don't do traditional cardio. What I mean by that is simply steady state cardio. EX: long periods of time on treadmill, elliptical ect.

Let me be clear...

It's not that I dislike or hate steady state cardio. I mean if we're being honest, I wouldn't ever choose to run for fun. Not my thing. If it's yours though, and you love it. Rock on babe.

I have my clients do a variety of different forms of cardio. Things like lifting weights faster, and varieties of HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Start to Finish In Under 20 min

Because hello, who wouldn't want to yield some rockin results with less than 20min of work that was once thought only attainable with hours on machines. Sign me up for that, yo!

Below are three different options for cardio that I would prescribe to a client (seeing they are pain/injury free and at a beginner-intermediate fitness level). Simplicity is key for me, and when I can help my clients (and myself!) achieve killer results in what I believe is the most efficient way possible. I'd call that a major win.

Thats why HIIT rocks. High intensity interval training looks a little something like this: Work at max effort for an allotted time, rest for a short period of time, just enough for your heart rate to drop a little bit, and begin again working at max effort for the specific duration of time. These steps are repeated for a certain amount of rounds.


We call these finishers, and they are to be added to the end of the strength training portion to your workout!


30 seconds work period//15 seconds rest// 3x through

  1. Burpees
  2. Medball slam
  3. Lateral box run
  4. Squats (front load a weight ONLY if you can preform squats with perfect form and can maintain that form through all sets)


Set timer for 5 min and complete as many rounds as possible

  • 20 seconds on airdyne or erg (stair stepper is okay too)
  • 10 wall ball
  • 30ft foot hand crawl


Set timer for 5-8 min and complete as many rounds as possible

  • Sled pushes 50ft
  • Farmers carry 50 ft
  • Rope slams (20)

Now it's your turn! Which workout will you be adding to your routine? Comment below and let me know :)