HIIT workout

Workout Wednesday


At last, Workout Wednesday is alive again! I love working out. Granted there are some days I don't have a shit ton of energy and may not want to kill it in my workout, everytime I choose to honor my body through some form of movement..I've NEVER regretted it. I also really love blasting you guys with good solid content that you can take and apply to your own life/workout/lifestyle. So, without further ado..I hope you enjoy the workout below :) It was written in a way that focuses on maximizing your time while giving you the best results possible!


  • Push ups x8-10
  • Banded hip bridge x15-20 (band above knees--driving knees out as you bring your hips up)
  • Single arm row x8-10 each side
  • Goblet squat x10-12 (squat to box if needed)

Complete 3-4 sets of the above, then move on to:


  • 3x30 second plank
  • 3x10 pallof press each side


Set timer for 5 min and complete  as many rounds as possible in the time alloted:

  • Crawl 30 ft (keep butt low to ground, engage core, and keep hips as still as possible)
  • TRX jump squat x20
  • Med ball slams x10

As always, adjust these moves based on YOUR fitness level. There is zero shame in regressing a movement if needed. Solid foundation of basic movement patterns is what will lead you to a happy, healthy and strong fitness journey!


I hope you guys (safely) kill it on this glorious hump day ;)