At home workouts

3 At Home/Bodyweight Workouts!


Hey ladies! I'm all for movement, wether in the gym/outside/at home. You don't need the perfect setting to get a good workout in. If you're waiting for the perfect space, gym, ect you may never reach your goals #truth.

There is a "gym" everywhere you look. Yes, everywhere. Your stairs, the park, a rock. You can train using SO manny different things, today however we are going to focus on using solely your own body! Yes--you can transform your body using nothing but YOU!


#1 3x5 pistol squats R/L (use couch for assistance if needed) 3x10 split stance squats R/L 3x30 seconds foot hand crawl 3x10 split jack lunge 3x20 second plank

#2 20 seconds burpees 10 second rest 20 seconds stairs 10 seconds rest 20 seconds foot hand crawl 10 second rest 20 seconds push ups

2min rest-----Repeat for a total of 10 times through!

#3 3x10 broad jumps 3x12 frog jumps 3x12 speed skaters 3x8 surfer jumps

As always in my workouts scale to YOUR fitness level. Some of these are tough, 2 of them are very heavily leg focused. Workout #1 will really attack your quads so if you're looking for something lighter then these may not be for you!

Be safe&kick some ass!