Strong Chicks Rock--For All Women, Almost.

Strong Chicks Rock is for all women, but all women may not find SCR sexy. I'm okay with that.

There are 109274 of workout programs and trainers out there, and I am not just "another trainer". My goal for women isn't rooted in simply altering their body and helping them lose weight.

Strong Chicks Rock was built because for the first time in my life I hated my body. I had weight to lose, and I felt sick. I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror, my clothes didn't fit and all I wanted was to be happy again. My immediate goal wasn't to drop 40lbs, it was to be happy. I searched and searched and I couldn't find ONE program that offered everything I wanted. I wanted to learn how to love myself. I was never taught how to love myself. I wanted to gain confidence. Yeah, I knew how to workout to an extent, but the gym still crippled me with fear--I wanted something to teach me how to move with a purpose and how to gain the confidence.

Everything I saw only made me feel worse: Get your best bikini body, build a butt you can love etc.

No thanks. I didn't want to diet myself happy. I wanted to become happy and learn how to love myself, and in more core as much as I did want my body to look different--I knew that losing 40lbs wouldn't make me happy unless I could love myself as I was. I was right.

Creating Strong Chicks Rock

So I did. I created what I craved so bad.

I created a place for women to learn how to honor their bodies through food, movement and self love. What the heck does that even mean?

Honor: high respect

I created a place for women to learn how to respect and love their bodies through the actions of eating mindfully, creating a healthy relationship with food and through moving with a purpose. I created a place where women learn to love their bodies through respecting it with the words they speak to themselves.

SCR isn't everyone's cup of tea--frankly, I like it that way. I don't promote that I'll get you abs in 21 days, because that isn't the core root of what we do. Yes, you will lose weight if that's your goal. But we dig deep.

This Is How We Do It (did you sing that?)

Here you're going to meet yourself where you're at without judgement (don't worry, I teach you how to do that!). 

Your journey with SCR is one of self exploration and growth. A little bit more deep than that six pack you may have been searching for huh?

In your time with SCR you may work through some deep emotional stuff surrounding food and your body, your worth, the way you love yourself and all the things that make you, YOU.

But you'll also learn how to workout for your body, moving with purpose. You'll learn how to eat for your body--ending the cycle of binge eating and yo-yo dieting.

You'll be a part of a tribe of women who are all actively working on learning out who the heck they are. None of us are better than you, we are all supporting each other.

You're going to learn how to love YOU. Deeply and fiercely.

If you're looking for foo foo fitness chatter, this may not be the space that meshes well with you. 

If you're looking to fall in love with your body, and really walk into a place of worthiness and deep connection with your body--fitness being one of the pathways to get there, this may be your jam. If so, welcome.

I never want to mislead someone on what I am or what I stand for--we are a bit of the fitness rebels. We dabble into conversations that are different than the fitness norm. We move a little differently (sorry, no crunches here), and we work as a tribe. As a community. So if you're down for being a fitness rebel, I welcome you with open arms. 

Strong Chicks Rock is helping women get confident, realize their worth, feel powerful, feel strong both phyiscally and mentally. SCR is equipping women with the tools and resources they need to live a life they love. More than fitness? Yes. Worth it? yes.

We may do things differently (we have virtual dance parties--yeah really), but we stand tall in knowing that we are more than fitness, we are more than our bodies--we are doing this life thing and learning how do it better day in and day out.



Rachel (the fitness rebel)