Showing Up, Even When You Don't Want To

I tell my clients that motivation isn't always there, and it's in those moments, when the motivation is nonexistent but they choose to workout or eat food that honors their body anyway, that they gain more strength and more power. They continue to propel themselves forward, to be the best versions of themselves possible. They fought through it. The funk that is. Well here I sit, at a loss for what to write about. Sometimes the words flow beautifully from my brain through my fingers. Those times when I'm inspired. Wonderful pieces of work comes from those times. For weeks I haven't wanted to write. Not because I didn't have things to say, but my heart wasn't full and beaming with just the right thing to say. I didn't feel inspired or motivated.

I wanted to write about being 18 married, I wanted to write a letter to the girl on the treadmill, but I didn't. I sat and avoided my laptop. As I sat there scrolling IG, wasting time. I came across a video that said you don't always need to be inspired to write--sometimes you just need to open the computer and lay your fingers across the keyboard and write.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm writing.


Instead of talking about my engaged and underage-divorced before 23 marriage, I want to talk about doing.

Be it your fitness journey, or simply life--sometimes the motivation isn't there. You don't want to workout, you don't want to prep your food. You don't fucking want any of it.

While opting for a glass of wine and stepping up your Netflix game to watch every episode of One Tree Hill very well could be an option. It's not the only option.

Sometimes honoring your body means that you rest, and that means a skipped workout or meal not planned. But just because motivation is lacking, doesn't mean that you give up.

Sometimes, you gotta suck it up.

Put your big girl panties on and show the fuck up.

I don't live by some do or die mentality. I don't believe in going to the gym everyday and grinding till you die. Sleep is for pansies . No, I actually like my sleep--thank you very much.

All we need sometimes is to show up. Just like I showed up to my computer. In all honesty, I came home from being with clients to write this post. First though, I went to the store (didn't need to go), made a large lunch and watched the Bachelor. Then I scrolled my phone 7888899 times avoiding this. I didn't want to do this. I want my words to touch people and fill their soul with happiness, truth, motivation and I want these words to fucking inspire someone!

As I sat and became pissed at myself for not writing, I realized my writing shouldn't solely be done for everyone else. But that this outlet is for me, my words need a home instead of stirring and dancing in my brain all day. If I wanted to feel better, I had to show up. Even if I didn't know what the hell I was going to say.

Here I am though, almost done with this post. That I hope does inspire you, but more so it inspired me to keep going. It helped me realize that I can do hard things (not that writing about my life is the equivalent of building homes in Africa). However, it relighted that fire in me that I know is always going. Sometimes just not as intense as other times.

Pushing through a funk is not fun. Showing up is way easier said than done. But you can do it. You can show the fuck up even when it feels like you can't. Even when you want to say screw it all and give up on everything. Life, fitness, the perfect ponytail. Show up.

You'll amaze yourself. Doing it once, simply showing up one time when you think you can't and you don't want to--will help you the next time you feel that way, and the next time, and the next time. Until when it happens again and you finally realize that you are more powerful than you understand and you can do anything. You simply have to believe it.

Cheers to showing up.


How will you show up today?