Should You Add Mantras Into Your Self Love Tool Box? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Are you curious about mantras? Wonder what the big deal about them is? Maybe they sound a little woo woo and out there, but you're kind of into it...are they different? Yes. Should you add them to your self love tool box (resources and tools you can use to help you step back into your power and move through diet mindset + negative thoughts), I'll let you be the judge of that.

Here's What You Need To Know

A mantra is a word, sound or phrase that is repeated over and over again to aid in the reframing of your current mindset.


You’re having a day where you feel off, really disconnected from your body, and you can’t stop the negative story in your head. You want to reframe what’s happening in that brain of yours but you aren’t sure how.

So you quietly begin to repeat an empowering statement:

I completely love and accept myself.

Either in your head or out loud, you speak it over and over again as a pathway to end the negative talk and come back into the flow.

Why Mantras?

Think about it, you’ve been telling yourself that you’re fat, ugly, unworthy, not enough etc for years and you actually believe these things. Imagine if you used the same brain power and change the conversation?

So, words can make me love myself?

Yes...or, they are a start at least.  If you're freaking out, having a really low body image day or something massive is happening in your life today, mantras may not be the magic pill that will change your life from bad to good. But the act of changing the conversation is powerful. 

Interrupting the negative replay of whatever story is happening for you, that's progress in itself. 

But what if you're really having a bad day, you're telling yourself that you completely love and accept yourself...but it's not working. 

Mantra 911, send in the troops!

You’re repeating like a mad woman “I love myself, I love myself, I LOVE MYSELF.” It’s not working though. What next?

Okay, think about it like this—you aren't using this word or phrase trying to mask a happy feeling just to cover up what you’re actually feeling, this is a tool to redirect brain traffic, if you will. 

Instead of saying: I love myself.

Try something that feels more real for the moment you're in:

“I am so angry right now. I feel shame and I’m embarrassed of where I’m at. I want to love myself. I am committed to loving myself and doing what it takes to get there. Even though I feel this hurt and anger, I am still completely open to loving and accepting myself. “

You Pick

Now you know what mantras are, why they are beneficial and a few different ways to say them. 

There was one time I was in my car going through a break-up, I kept replaying what had happened and I was leading myself down a really negative road. So I kept repeating to myself "I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm okay." Did I feel okay right away? Well, my hurt was still there, but my negative spiral was slowing down, which helped me calm down and begin to think more clear. 

You can use mantras for anything in your life. Before an interview, on the road when it's raining (me all the time), when you're scared, or body image days that don't feel so great. 

Your words are powerful, and if anything—you can use them in this situation to change the conversation you're telling yourself. 

PS- A lot of my clients don't even think about mantras as 'mantras', they think of them as '"power words". So if this concept just seems a little too weird for you, just think of it as power words that help you step into your rad self and away from negative self talk.

My Favorite Mantras:

You can pick a word, or a phrase, if mine don't resonate with you, find words that do.

  • I am love

  • Even though I feel this hurt I still completely love and accept myself

  • Standing in my truth is where my power lies

  • I am worthy of love

  • I am kind and powerful

  • Even though I feel lost, I know that I am divinely guided and supported.

  • I release the need to be in control

  • Thank you (I say to myself and my food)

  • I love you (I say to myself)

  • Go slow

  • I am here

If you’re into choosing a sanskirt word (commonly heard in yoga):

Shradda - Faith

Bhakti - Devotion

Shanti - Peace

Prajna - Wisdom

Santosa - Contentment

Veda - Knowledge

Ananda - Bliss

Moksha - Liberation

Shakti- Divine Feminine

Prasada - Grace/clarity

So you want to use a mantra?

  1. Pick your mantra

  2. Repeat it in your mind or outloud 1-100000 times.

  3. If you speak it out loud, speak it with conviction. Even if your voice shakes in the beginning.

Know it'll feel a little weird talking outlaid to yourself, but you're on the quest to connect to your power and feel like an empowered can do this. Go slow.