On Being A Sexy Woman

I thought that a confident and "sexy" woman was someone who showed skin, and felt okay with "baring it all" because she loved who she was. I use to imagine what it would be like. Loving my body. What would it feel like? What would be different about me? 

I can tell you what I do know. Being sexy has nothing to do with lipstick or barley there clothing. Loving yourself doesn't have to look like budior shoots (though they are saweeet), lingerie or sex. Loving yourself shows up in the sweetest ways. Like when you wear all black, are sick, with no make-up, hair tied up and you can stand back and look at yourself just feeling confident. Loving the shape of being a woman as she is. Loving yourself feels like being home, feeling safe and trusting in your being. Loving yourself is both soft and pure, simple like honey, and wild and rebellious all at once. 

I think what I want to say is that loving yourself doesn't have to look grand and intense. Loving yourself can be as simple as having a moment of pure bliss moving your body, and not thinking about hate. 

My client, who took this picture, told me that how I was standing today was really beautiful and it was funny because I felt a sense of grace in the way I was standing. I asked if she would take a picture, and I let my past life ballerina come out to play. Looking through the pictures she took I felt overcome with happiness. As I realized that beauty has nothing to do with what you see, and everything to do with how I feel. 

I never thought I could feel as connected to my body, as beautiful, as sexy and as confident as I did in this picture--being fully clothed and tired, wearing my actual pajamas. Yet here we are. Because self love has nothing to do with your weight, your size, your lipstick or your abs and everything to do with how you choose to feel