Moving Through Life


It has been too long. Way, way too long since I've shared my heart or passion. My apologies. I want to keep things consistent on here, so look forward to weekly posts from now on. My heart needs it, and my mind need it. I love sharing and helping you grow through not only your health and fitness journey but through life. Today I want to talk about moving. 

Get Up, Get Moving (& get out of your head)

When someone thinks of working out, or personal trainers I know that some of the first few thoughts that come to mind are somewhere along the lines of: this bitch is about to beat me to the ground, long workouts, burpees suck, I hope she doesn't know about the cake I just ate, or my least favorite---. shes judging me.

No--just no.

While I do want my clients (and everyone) to move, and move well. I want movement to be more than machines. More than scary boot camps, and more than 100 burpees.

Movement is more than hitting it hard for two hours in the gym. I'm not dissing that, if you dig it--great! Rock it out. You know what I would love though? Having women (and men!) see movement and health just a little differently.

Movement: the act, process, or result of moving (SCR addition---> in any damn way you want!)

No where is movement defined as going balls to the wall, flipping tires ect--while all that is awesome, I like to teach my SCR clients something a little different. It's time to break out of what you've been taught is the "right" or "only" way to move. Movement is what YOU want, how you want, when you want. Let me show you how.


Rock It Out

There was a point in time where I only cared about what my body looked like. I trained like an asshole to get results (don't do what I did). I didn't love the way I was moving, because I was moving for one reason and one reason only--validation. From anyone and everyone. How do my feelings relate to movement, and moving for your body? It all ties hand and hand with honoring not just your body, but your mind. When we move, and do so from a place of guilt/hate/shame--we are in no way honoring our body, but working against it.

What fixes that? Learning to move for YOU.

Sustainable results in your health and fitness journey, as well as life--your relationships, mindset ect; all need to be for you. Girl, you gotta rock it out. You have to start doing what makes YOU happy.

How do you discover how to move in a way that honors your body, mind and goals?

  1. Sit down, spend a few minutes breathing and truly thinking over what it is you want to gain from your health and fitness journey. Think also about what makes you happy. Is it zumba? Running? Lifting heavy ass weight? NO ONE is judging this answer--be honest and listen to your body.
  2. Allow yourself to be okay with whatever answer you came up with. It doesn't matter if all of your friends + great-aunt sally are standing on their head and spitting rubber nickels to feel healthy--you do you & work your hardest to be confident in that decision.
  3. Unsure? Go out and explore! Crawl around outside, take the dance class you've always wanted to, try pole dancing (hey--don't judge, I plan on doing it!), kick a ball around, try yoga, pick up weights for the first time. Feel around until you find a mix of what brings you joy. With that--know that every workout/ training session ect may not always be easy, but enjoying the type of movement is key to long-term success (in my humble opinion).
  4. Get up, get moving (&get out of your head). It's easy to get caught up in the process of it all. Humans are weird and like to over think things 43875934 times. Just get up, get up right now and rock it the eff out. Move in some way..anyway.

Have I lost you? Bare with meMy hope is that this post helps you break the chains of living in one specific fitness (and life) bubble. Don't feel there is only one way to move and explore your body--there are hundreds of ways. The gym isn't the only place where physical strength and mental growth is challenged and happens. It happens wherever and whenever you are open and willing.

With that, I challenge you. I take that back--I encourage you to take this week to move in new ways. Wanna know some of my favorite?

  • Dancing!! Eff yes to dancing all day everyday. I feel so happy and I love the way my body just moves. Choose a song and dance like no one is watching.
  • Parks! I love going to local state parks or even playgrounds and walking the trails. Being a part of nature rocks. We spent 99.9% of our days outside as kids..what the hell happened? Go back--have fun!
  • Roll + Crawl. I've found some serious joy rolling around on the ground with my son. I actually initiate the rolling down hills now more than he does and I love it. Crawling is another amazing form of movement and something that is so natural to us--uh, hello...babies crawl! Get down and crawl, I know you think I'm bat shit crazy...maybe I am (to be determined). It's an amazing full body movement, oh and talk about core being on fire!
  • Get funky with some kettlebells (if you know how!). If you know me--you know I'm in love with kettlebells. I love the powerful movements you create with them and the strength that is built. My biggest tip here: get educated before you start chucking bells at your friends heads. Take the time to be taught proper form always!

If you were waiting for a golden ticket or an invitation to stop following the fitness norm--here ya go. This is your invitation, break free! I hope you enjoy your journey of discovery, and find a form of movement that you love and enjoy. Most importantly, I hope that you learn to move for you, that you learn to honor your body through movement, through food that fuels your body well and through the practice of self-love.