Meet The First Coaches Of Strong Chicks Rock

Six years ago I called my dad and told him that I wanted to start a business online that worked solely with women. I told him that I wanted to create what I needed, what I couldn't find.

A place for women to learn how to create healthy relationships with food, movement and their body. A place where women were guided 1:1 in a safe space, without judgement. A place where women could be met where they're at.

"What about Strong Chicks Rock?"

"That's perfect, Rachel". He said. 

Six years, and over 500 women who've gone through SCR training programs and coaching later, it's time to grow. 

Choosing to bring on new coaches was the easiest decision I've ever made. I knew exactly the kind of women I wanted to work with, and grow this tribe with me. 

I knew that I couldn't keep serving women as a solo mission anymore, so I set out to find my people. 

Kind, brilliant, courageous, vulnerable, strong, powerful, hilarious, goofy, and breakfast lovers, of course—I found them. 

On the week of Strong Chicks Rock six year anniversary, please help me welcome our first official coaches—now making us a team of 6. 

If you're wondering if I'm crying, the answer is yes, I am. 

Ann Petko


Hi! I’m Ann. I’m 35 years old, live in Central PA (although NJ is my forever home) with my partner & our English Bulldog Rosie. 

I’m on a life quest for the best French Fries & prefer to pair most of my favorite foods with red wine. (Except breakfast. Prosecco is for breakfast.) My idea of the perfect night out is a long dinner with friends, curious conversation, and belly laughs. 

Working out keeps me grounded. As a child I was a competitive gymnast, in college I played Rugby, and I’ve been going and going and going ever since. 

I love reading & learning. I’ll probably ask you about your favorite book. I don’t watch movies - I’m the girl who is clueless when movie lines are thrown around in conversation. 

Things I can’t live without: the ocean, NYC, coffee, dark chocolate, peanut butter, eyelashes...really makeup in general, my black leather jacket & lululemon leggings, The Nittany Lions, kitchen floor picnics, the PNW, direct communication, weekend getaways, and my partner’s hugs. 

What's your ideal breakfast: Everything bagel, lox, cream cheese, LTO & capers sitting on the porch at The Boathouse in the greatest city in the world! (across from my love)

Favorite 90's Movie: Shawshank Redemption 

Favorite 90's Song: August and Everything After (it's an entire album...) 1993 - Counting Crows. LOVE

Where can I find you Sunday Mornings: Up early, coffee in hand, either a light hike or reading the newspaper in the Hamptons (if it's summer) next to the pool

 If you could be any TV Character who would you be and why? My girlfriend says Olivia Pope. Because she's a problem solver, and she's a badass, and sexy AF. (her words)

Follow her on IG here: @0annmarie0 and  @fries_ann_wine



Amanda Strong


Hi! I am Amanda Strong.

I am a wife, mother of dragons (I have 3 children) and graphic designer. I live with my little family in a suburb of Cincinnati.

I am also a Taurus, Type A personality and anxious human lady. Writing this bio? IMPOSSIBLE.
For how can I reduce myself into perfect paragraphs that fully encompass the awesomeness that is me?  I am also learning daily how to extend myself a little grace.

Most days of the week you will find me momming it up, trying to make it through week day errands before my 3 year old has a complete meltdown (WHY ARE NOT ALL TARGET TRIPS TRIPS WHERE IN YOU BUY ME ALL OF THE TOYS and Goldfish crakcers?!) and throwing around heavy metal at the gym whilst blasting early 2000’s hip hop and rap in my headphones. For who else can pump you up like Lil Kim, Biggie and Ludacris? No one. That’s who.

I am the friend my friends call when they have “weird” or TMI questions, I can solve all of your ailments and problems with exhaustive Google searches and have an unhealthy obsession with online shopping (no pants and it comes right to the door? SIGN ME UP.) If I am not in my jammies (thanks work from home!) I am wearing gym clothes. Should I happen to change out of my pajamas or gym clothes my children ask, “WHY ARE YOU SO FANCY?”

I love my family, an Ohio fall, a fresh gel manicure, long strolls through the Target and cheese covered carbs.

Ideal Breakfast: If there is a breakfast sandwich on the menu, that is what I will be ordering. ESPECIALLY if it includes Goetta. And crispy potatoes, black coffee. If I’m feeling festive, throw in a mimosa too. 

And, because I alway go for a savory breakfast, when you order pancakes or that waffle, I’m going to need a bite. 

Favorite 90’s movie:

JUST ONE?! C’mon. 


Empire Records

The Craft


Romeo + Juliet

Spice World

If you could be any TV Character who would you be and why? Oh geez. This one isn’t going to come out how I mean. 

Nancy Botwin, Weeds. Nancy gets.shit.done. Despite all of the less that desirable situations she finds herself in, she’s just trying to do the best that she can, keep her family together, care for her kids - it’s never perfect and it’s never right but she’s just trying to survive. Her boldness gives her her strength. With her defiance, the ends always justify the means - the end being security for her and her loved ones as well as … not being dead. ;) She was a beginner, she had to learn on top of relentless drama (often brought on by her own poor choices and lack of foresight). But she always tries so damn hard. It’s that persistence that I 100% respect.

What makes you feel joy? My husband, first cup of morning coffee, weight training, watching my kids learn/accomplish something new, online shopping, a really delicious meal that I can eat slowly, probably without kids, in a really fancy establishment, afternoons at the swim club, Thanksgiving dinner. All of these, not necessarily in this order. 

Follow her on IG here: @scr_amanda_strong and @its_amanda_strong

Ariana Fuda


Hey there! I’m Ariana, a 23 year old breakfast, barbell, tattoo, and life enthusiast. Basically I just really love life.

I was born in raised in Connecticut, where I spent almost all of my time playing softball, reading books, and listening to nothing but Fall Out boy and Panic! At The Disco. I was your stereotypical tomboy-kinda-goth-kinda-scene kid.. I still am in a sense..

Growing up, for me, felt like a constant uphill battle. I became all too familiar with anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders and assault.

It was hard, who’s childhood isn’t? But those hard, and painful moments, shaped me into the woman I am now. And I love me now because I fought to be here. Those moments allowed me to see that my passion lies in empowering women to feel at home in their bodies, something I didn’t know how to do then. Something that would have changed my life.

For the past three years, I have been growing and thriving in Brooklyn NY! I was blessed to come to the city with a really incredible company, but at the end of my time there I realized that my purpose involves so much more- I want to help women feel sexy and strong and empowered AF in their bodies. By preaching movement and vulnerability, I want to see more women embrace their badassery and go through life knowing that they can do anything because they love themselves unconditionally.

A little more about me? I love brunch and anything that has meat in it. Also coffee.. coffee is everything. My biggest nightly pleasures involves dark chocolate peanut butter cups (only the Trader Joe’s brand, though) and The Office. I make a really mean pot of sauce, with meatballs of course. My goal in life is to be covered head to toe in tattoos. I’m also a HUGE movie nerd, so if you need recommendations then I’m your girl.

So let’s talk about sex and lifting weights and what huge events shaped you into who you are today over brunch. Or we can talk about movies and dogs and what lights your soul on fire.

Ideal Breakfast: Two eggs over easy, two pieces of toasted toast, LOTS of bacon, and an almond milk latte. 

Favorite 90's Movie: Pulp Fiction + Nightmare Before Christmas (I’m a huge movie nerd and had to use my top 2)

What song is playing during your dance party of 1? The Last of the Real Ones by Fall Out Boy

 If you could be any TV Character who would you be and why? Oh this is tough.. I’d probably say Meredith Grey. I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field, and there’s something about how beautiful and complicated her relationship is with McDreamy that makes me want something like it (I’m only on season 4 though!). But mostly because I want to cut someone up and perform a surgery.. in the least satanic way possible..

Follow her on IG here: @ariana_fuda and @fudabudah

Jessie Burdick


Hi guys! My name is Jessie and I’m a strength coach just outside of Boston Massachusetts. I’ve been in the fitness Industry since 2013 when I graduated from school with my degree in kinesiology. Health and fitness have always been a part my life since I can remember. I remember standing in the kitchen with my mom talking about colleges. She said "Why don't you become a personal trainer?" And I put my nose up at the thought, a personal trainer? No way. Not that I thought it was an awful job, I just could't picture myself doing it at the time. Well, just over 10 years later, and here I am. A strength and conditioning coach to athletes and the general population and loving what I do. 

Right now I would consider myself a power lifter of sorts because my main focus in my lifts are the big three, squat, bench, and deadlifts! I competed in my first powerlifting competition at the end of January and had the time of my life. I placed first in my weight class and plan on doing another competition in the near future!

On a personal level, exercise has helped me overcome debilitating anxiety throughout my life. At one point I can remember my anxiety was so bad I could barely work out without getting panic attacks(I could barely leave my house), so the fact I am doing now max lifts a few years later I feel like I’ve come along way. 

The past year has been a year filled with more growth, change and love than I knew was possible. Between my family growing (I'm an aunt now!), a break up, and leaving a comfy job to work closer to Boston, I've learned a few things: being brave enough to break your own heart will always be hard, but always worth it  . Craft beer won't solve all of your problems, but it sure tastes good. And continuously building your tool box with coping mechanisms to handle painful, and well, just life situations, will guide me through whatever life throws my way. As I embark on my last year of my 20's I'm more confident than I ever have been, and I can't wait to work with the women in SCR to help them unlock their inner badass, work through life barriers and get them to  place where they too feel confident and at ease in their body. 

Other random facts about me, I love craft beer and I absolutely love coffee. I enjoy going on long walks and I can’t stand being cold. Travel is something that is always in my mind and I am lucky enough to have been to a quite a few places. My dad makes the best Mexican food you’d ever have.  I like the dirtiest rap and the most emo early 2000s music. I love my hair and no one actually calls me jessie anymore—my nickname is jburdie, burdie, or burd but call me whatever you’d like. 

Your ideal breakfast: My favorite breakfast is (no joke) the breakfast at Whole Foods that Rachel loves so much! Eggs, bacon, and their home fires. I DREAM about it on The Weeknd’s (usually the only time I can get it). If it’s not Whole Foods it’s some type of diner with banana walnut pancakes!

Favorite 90's movie: Okay, this is such a great question because the 90’s definitely had the best movies. I would say it’s a toss up between Romeo and Juliet (with Leo) and Romy and Michelle‘s high school reunion! (My sister mom and I still quote it today)

Your favorite quote: "Always remember you are braver than you believe stronger than you seem smarter than you think in twice as beautiful as you ever imagined.” 

 If you could be any TV Character who would you be and why?If I were TV character I would 100% be Phoebe on friends. She is the friend who is always there but also has an aura of mystery about her. All the other characters you see where they live all the time and you know always what’s going on in their lives. Phoebe is a little bit different of a character in the sense you don’t know what she’s up to 100% of the time. I truly think that about myself. She also has 1 million different jobs which is very much like me too!

Follow her on IG here: @jburdie


Abby Hofrichter


Abby is a pretty true-to-form Libra and youngest child. The notes on my report cards praised her spirited nature but suggested she learn to better direct or control her outgoing energy. Now that she's in her twnties, she's not mad about it.

Born on the east coast in Baltimore, Maryland, she's proud to know how to lay a crab trap (and then pick and eat those fresh crabbies) but has since accepted her full Midwestern metamorphosis as an Ohio State grad, local craft beer aficionado, loyal Kroger shopper, and sayer of things like "OPE!"

Abby works as a social media and community manager for Speechbubble PR and teaches Real Ryder cycling at RINSE Cycle Dayton. She's a freelance and hobbyist photographer with a strangely fierce passion for blogging about mental health, eating disorder recovery, and self-acceptance. She loves Gerunds and rating things on nonsensical "One to [Enter Non-Numerical Item Here]" scales. She believes in a world where women are free of restrictive diets, body-dissattsfaction, and negative self-talk.

She would love to get to know you over pretzels and a craft beer, and would even more-so like to meet your dog.

Ideal Breakfast: All of Them. But if I have to choose? An everything bagel with a little bit of yellow mustard, ham, and swiss cheese.

What song is playing during your dance party of one? Harry Belfontane's Jump In Line followed by Blister In The Sun and The Time Warp

If you could be any TV Character who would you be and why? This is tough. If we could combine Ann Perkins from Parks and Rec, Ellie from Degrassi, Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers, and Xena: Warrior Princess, I think we'd be close. Being just one thing is hard. Who says we can't be a great friend with a knack for getting sh*t done (Ann), an emotional and well-rounded writer who isn't ashamed of her preteen emo pahse (Eliie), a gender-role flipping badass hottie (Xena), and wine-loving, off-key singing good time gal (Linda) all at once?

Your favorite quote:  Hold On. It's a long one: Emotions, in my experience, aren't covered by single words. I don't believe in "sadness," "joy," or "regret." Maybe the best proof that the language is patriarchal is that it oversimplifies feeling. I'd like to have at my disposal complicated hybrid emotions, Germanic train-car constructions like, say, "the happiness that attends disaster." Or: "the disappointment of sleeping with one's fantasy." I'd like to show how "intimations of mortality brought on by aging family members" connects with "the hatred of mirrors that begins in middle age." I'd like to have a word for "the sadness inspired by failing restaurants" as well as for "the excitement of getting a room with a minibar." I've never had the right words to describe my life, and now that I've entered my story, I need them more than ever.  - Jeffrey Eugenides, MiddleSex

Also: A groutfit is a great outfit for grouting - yours truly. 10am this morning.

Follow her on IG here: @ahofri


What next?

Keep your eyes peeled for enrollment to work with me and these babes in the next 6 weeks!

Each coach will begin to take on her own clients starting in May!

Will I still be taking on clients? Yes, just on a more limited basis!

Thank you for supporting SCR—your words, kindness and love mean more than you'll ever know.