Meet My Girlfriend

Meet my girlfriend, Allison.


Standing in your truth as a woman is the most powerful thing you can do. So as I share this new part of my life, I want you to know that I'm happy, and I'm genuinely standing in my truth. 

Which matters for me, so much. 

The majority of my life was lived to please others. When I came into this social media world I wanted you to think my life was perfect, I wanted you to like me. 

As I've grown into my power, my truth and my confidence--which I see as the epitome of a Strong Chick, I know I don't need your validation and "likes" to know my worth any longer. 

My hope is that when I share my journey, any part of it, what you see is a woman coming into her own strength, love and power, and that it inspires you to do the same in whatever way that looks like in your life.

So meet Allison 👉🏻@allisonzerkle.

She is kind, and has the biggest heart. She is passionate about life, music, and movement. She has the most infectious and amazing laugh, and I adore her. 

You can watch the whole video to hear me talk about us, and see some of our moments just doing life.