{FREE SELF LOVE EBOOK} How To Love Yourself: While You're Trying To #Adult, and Other Important Shit

You should love your body.

You should put kale in your smoothies, wait what—you aren't drinking eating smoothies?

You should cut gluten out of your diet or just go jump off a cliff.

We Need To Stop Shoulding Ourselves

You're bombarded with all of the things you should be doing that at this point, you'd rather just pull your hair out, lock yourself in a room with Netflix and call it a day.

You're smart so you know that yeah, eating veggies is probably something that would totally benefit your body and that loving your body would be 10x better than hating it. But you have one major question....


How does a girl who is just trying to adult in a way that feels authentic and right to her, learn to love herself when society is only giving crumbs of information?

You don't want to get a mani-pedi or use a bathbomb, for you, that doesn't feel like self love, it feels like work.

Lucky you, I made an ebook all about how to navigate all the shoulds and BS of self love, so you could get to the truth.

How To Love Yourself: While Trying to #Adult, and Other Important Shit

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Who's this for? Well, you, babe. The woman who's trying to fold last week's laundry, get to work on time without spilling her coffee, all while chasing her dreams and removing to wash your hair. The woman who's life is full, and she's ready to learn how to do self love in an way that's fluff free. 

You ready?

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