It's Okay To Soften

Hellllloooooooo (said is Mrs.Doutfire voice).

I'm not pregnant. Just bloated, relaxed, a soft stomach at the end of the day.

Instagram (and the world) is really good at allowing you to believe that super models and "fitness celebrities" walk around all day with abs and being lean. 

Girl, no.

This is real. By real, I mean just being, here, without "holding myself in".

Isn't it annoying? To suck in all day and literally have an indent on your stomach from where you were "keeping it in" all day?

What in the fresh hell? Is this how we are suppose to walk around? 

This is your PSA that it's okay to relax. 

I'm not sure who allowed us to believe that we must only wear the highest jeans to hold us in, and suck it all in all day long to please people. I mean who are we even pleasing anyway?

When we can soften the body, it opens the opportunity to soften to the heart. Which we keep so hard and guarded all day, everyday. We fight, we feel like we have to punch fear in the face, and we are ready for battle at any moment because the thought of soaking it all in and letting emotions freely run through you is scary. Softening is scary and open work.

So let's start with the belly and using the mantra, soften, anytime you feel your physical body or heart tighten up.


Soften yourself, babe.

When we begin to soften, we let go of societies perception of beauty and allow ourselves to sit in OUR own beauty, we stop resisting, and we begin to come home into our bodies.

It's okay to soften.


Can you soften today? Your body, and your mind?