Is Your Diet Making You Feel Crazy?

The diet industry is 60 billion dollar industry. Freaking massive. That's a lot of money you've spent on teas, books, plans, cleanses and other things promising you weight loss.

Does that make you angry? Because it makes me angry. When I think about all of the money spent on thinking "this is the one"—yet never finding happiness or lasting results in any of those I'm pissed.

Diet's Make You Go Bat Sh*t Crazy

  • Distorted body image
  • Not trusting your body because you've started binging/restricting so much 
  • Becoming judgmental/angry/jealous of other women because of their bodies
  • Not knowing how to eat all 
  • Being a slave to scale
  • Seeing food in numbers or points

Those are just some of the ways that diets can make you go nuts. Diets are kind of like those commercials you see about new test drugs.

"Hey there lonely and desperate person, try _____ diet. Side effects may include completely losing your mind, having a Britney 2007 melt down, not trusting your body and results that will only last 3 days because then you'll binge and not know how to get back. But don't worry, you can buy into _______ diet every time you lose your sh*t, and for 21 days you'll hate your food, your friends and family but hey--at least you can fit into those high school jeans for 3 days."



They Don't Work For A Reason

Have you ever wondered why you feel like you do really well on diets for awhile or why you feel like you need a diet to love your body and be happy?

Diets are black and white, they have rules. When you're dieting you know that you're "good" if you're following the rules, and "bad" if you're not. We've been following rules since we came out of the womb, which makes it easy—in the beginning.

It's the the time in between all of your diets where you feel most crazy right? You don't know how to eat, how much to eat or what to do. You're scared, you freak out and so you go back to whatever plan, cleanse, or fix you were doing before because at least you know what to do.

The Secret

If diets don't work, what does?

Learning how to honor your body through food, movement and self love.

It's not a sexy answer, but it's the truth. 

If you could learn how to trust your body, not cycle through the binge/restrict/shame/guilt pattern, you could begin to make empowered decisions around food. 

If you had the tools you needed to achieve food freedom, you could feel confident in your body at any size. You could eat pizza and ice cream without freaking out and thinking you need to workout 2x harder the next day (hint, that doesn't work).

What If You Don't Know How To Figure It Out?

If you don't know where to start, that's okay—you aren't alone. 

The first step to food freedom and trusting your body is to quit dieting. Ehhhh I know alarms are going off in your brain right now. 'But Rachel, THEN WHAT?".

Okay, so you need some support, you need guidance, and coaching to find freedom. That's what I'm here for! 

Not everyone needs a coach, but some really benefit from having someone there while they go through a journey of the unknown. Learning how to love your body and move through diet mindset is hard. I'm not even going to act like it isn't.

It's going against everything you know to be true. 

If you feel like your diet is making you feel crazy, and you want out—you want to feel at home and normal in your body..I have a new program, Food Freedom. This program launches May 19th! In it you'll learn how to ditch dieting for good and:

  • Feel confident about food choices that you make
  • Be able to eat pizza without guilt
  • Enjoy fitness, not seeing it as a form of punishment
  • Trust and love your body
  • Love what you see in the mirror

I'm running a test group and have two spots left—if you'd like to be a part of the test group, you can join for more than 50% off of the launch price. Email me at:

You're dieting is making you feel crazy because like Gretchen Weiners hair, it's full of lies and secrets. It's not providing you the education you need to do life outside of the lines.



It's time to drop the diet, and learn how to trust your body babe. I promise it's possible.