I'm Not Crazy, I Feel Deeply

"I'm not crazy" is how crazy people begin most sentences, right?

Yet time and time again, crazy is used to describe women who feel.

I feel emotions deep in my soul, my gut, my heart, my finger tips, my mind, my toes, my blood. I feel everywhere.

I cry because the emotions hit me like waves sometimes. Good and bad. 

Labeled crazy because we feel.

Isn't that why we are here though? 

To feel, to experience and to seek out the moments that make us feel alive.

I use to hate the part of me that felt so deeply. What I deemed my "ugly parts".

My "ugly part" made people uncomfortable.

She's so sensitive. Why is she always talking about how she feels. She's too intense. She cries too much. She's too much.

As women we have the beautiful ability to connect to our truth and emotions though, easier for us then men I would say, at least sometimes. 

Instead of ignoring this part of us, the part that connects us to life. 

You can feel your heart, beating in your chest. Going through moments of love, loss. beauty, strength, happiness, joy, bliss. 

That is not crazy.

That is life.

My ugly part is the most raw and beautiful part of me.

For I can feel your words, experiences and life, deep within my flesh and bones.

I can experience love, the way it tastes, feels, and sounds through my body.

We are given the ability to feel, and it's anything but crazy.

I often wonder whats possessed people to label those who feel deeply, as crazy.

We aren't throwing tantrums, yelling, or putting our feelings onto another. Perhaps the person isn't ready to hold space for another human who's processing at a level they haven't quite become comfortable with.

That's okay.

When we can stand in our truth, in deep connection to who we are and how we feel, we are living a vibrant and colorful life. 

To ride the spectrum of emotions like a summer wave, allowing them to wash over you and back out, is magic.

There is no craziness about it.

You aren't crazy if you feel deeply. 

You're showing up for yourself, your life and your emotions with openness. 

Heart beating, heat open, here you are, in all of your glory, ready to feel.