How To Workout When You're Busy AF + 3 FREE Workouts

You're busy, right?

You constantly feel pulled in so many different directions. You're saying yes, even when you want to say no. You're constantly on the go. or simply tired. You're just tired. You keep saying 'next week I'll slow down'. But you're not actually slowing down so then this weird guilt like feeling stirs up in your belly and now everything is just a mess.

You're not alone. I know you have a very full life and that you're just trying to #adult in a way that feels authentic to you and the idea of adding a workout program to your plate seems near impossible. 

Okay here's the deal:

Your life doesn't have to be black and white. 

I know you think that you either have to be all in or all out, but that's 100000% false. 

When I have clients join SCR and I tell them that I can write them 7 min workouts they say things like: 'that's not enough'. Well I beg to differ when your alternative is not moving your body at all. 

Things To Know When You're Busy AF & Trying To Workout

  • Things don't have to be black and white. Short + efficient movement & mindset 'snacks' are 100000% better than nothing at all. 
  • You get to create your new normal. Just because Sally at the office can go to spinning + strength train 7 days a week, doesn't mean that because you aren't that you suck. You get to create a normal that honors your life, body and schedule. 
  • Trial and error will be a frequent guest in your life as you find out the schedule, movement and practices that align with your life. This is okay.
  • If you're doing strength training workouts, you don't need fancy clothes, a fancy gym or really anything but a set of dumbbells. Don't get caught up in needing all of the 'right' stuff so much that it completely stops you from doing anything. Again, this is YOUR new normal. 

I know you might need a bit of an idea of what this will look like, so here are 3 workouts that you can do that take less than 15 min complete. 

Workout #1

Set a timer for 7 min and complete as many rounds as possible with proper form. I want you to move fast, but again maintain good form. Listen to your body and rest when you need to. 


Workout #2

Complete 4 rounds for time. This means get all four rounds done in as little time as possible. 


Workout #3

21, 15, 9, 3

Your first round you'll do 21 reps of each move, your second round you'll do 15 reps, third round you'll do 9 reps, fourth round you'll do 3 reps of each then you'll be done.