How To Reach Goals &LIVE Life


Isn't that what we all want? To truly love life, enjoying every moment + feeling our best? See how I didn't say, "we all want abs"? Because that's not what healthy is.

Healthy isn't a six-pack. A six-pack may be YOUR goal, or maybe you just want to move without getting winded. Maybe you want to feel confident in a new pair of jeans, maybe you simply want to love your body, or maybe you just want to feel healthier.

All of which are okay.

When people approach their fitness journey they handle it in an all or nothing" type of way. So that means if you eat pizza, well shit, now you have to start over.

That's not creating a healthy relationship with your body or food.

So how can you live life, while creating a healthy relationship with food and your body?

Create your journey on the foundation of health--not aesthetics.

Hear me out, I'm not saying it's a bad thing if you'd like to change your body composition. When you focus 100% on "getting abs" though or losing those last are narrowing your mindset on short-term goals. Which perpetuates the diet cycle.

Can you imagine a life where you eat food you like, feel good in clothes, feel confident AND being able to enjoy beer and pizza on a Tuesday night just because? YOU CAN.

Here's how:

-Have preemptive "cheats" throughout the week. UGH, I loathe the word cheat but bear with me for this one. Have a cookie after dinner one day, put chocolate chips in your oatmeal, don't weigh out every bite of food that enters your mouth. Having little things throughout the week that aren't necessarily "bad" but may not be considered the "perfect" foods to reach your goals will take away your desire to binge on the weekends or holidays. Holidays shouldn't be hard, you shouldn't need tips or tricks to get through them. You should be able to have one cookie and that's it. The thing is most people can't do that. By simply eating food normally though the week and not living in "only good or only bad" food mindset, you'll learn how to eat manfully through life.

-Eat to fuel your body. I use to weigh EVERY drop of food that went in my mouth. If I was a gram over on GREEN BEANS I would take some off the scale and eat less...100% so my body would look a certain way. You guys, that obviously wasn't healthy. When I switched my mindset from eating to get abs to eating to FEEL GOOD and perform well through my workouts my whole world changed. I lost my attachment to food because instead of literally crying being upset I couldn't enjoy holidays or fearing outings, I learned the most important thing is my health. When the focus is there, the weight loss (if desired) happens organically and as a bonus to fueling my body well.

Do you want to know how I balance life?

I eat whole foods through the week, I aim to have veggies with each meal, I make sure to have healthy fat with each meal as well so I stay satiated through the day, I also try to have a protein source with each meal. I drink water. I'm mindful of my portions. When I go out to eat I typically get a salad or a protein source + veggies because I'd rather indulge a little bit more on other things like Jennis ice cream. I don't do cheat meals. I prefer to go through my week and if my friend and I decide to get eclairs on a Saturday afternoon, I'm going to say yes if it's some thing I really want. So when I say yes, I'll eat the eclair and LOVE IT. Then the rest of the day I'll eat like I normally would, getting my veggies in, being mindful. That night, I wouldn't have ice cream because I had treat mid day. I may have a protein bar that isn't deemed "100% clean" but that's okay, because sometimes you're in a pinch and need a quick option. I won't stress about Christmas because I know it's one day. I won't skip my meals that day, but rather focus on creating memories. If I TRULY want a cookie, I'll eat it. I aim to workout 3-5x a week..and you know what, if that doesn't happen. I let it go, because EVERY day I focus on honoring my body in some way. image

At the end of the day, or more so at the end of my life--I don't want to look back and be sad because every action I made was for how my stomach looked. Which, by the way is covered with clothes 99.4% of the year. I'll have looked back and been proud because everyday I made the conscious choice to honor my body. That is how you balance life, while also reaching your goals.

Do you have balance in your fitness journey and life?

If you don't, do you need help creating it? If so, I would love to help you create your version of healthy. And help you build a lifestyle that you can maintain--now, next month, 5 years from now and 50 years after that. Email me: strongchicksrock.rachel@gmail so I can learn more about YOU & your goals. OR fill out the application on the "WORK WITH ME" page!