How To Make Better Content On Instagram: Storytell or bust

I was working with an influencer who had over 200k followers, she was barely making $1000 a month, which as you can imagine was a complete shock to me. As we spoke over FaceTime talking about her writing, going over her posts, and offers— I noticed one important thing that she needed to be doing, but wasn’t.

She was writing at her audience with some typical fitspo motivation of sorts. Which looked something like this:

If I’m being honest, I’m so exhausted. Workouts wiped me out this week, and this new training program I’m on is mentally and physically demanding. Raise your hand if you know the feeling of this bone tired level of “leave me the fuck alone, I need a nap?”

You’re not alone. We can get through this! It’s a tough week, but here are some things I do to help me navigate this feeling and still show up to what needs me:

  • Take a nap when you can

  • Use Magnesium at night to help you get restful sleep

  • Cut out sugar during the day to balance your blood sugar.

  • Try and stay off your phone at night before bed, it’s bad for your eyes!


This was me being a little nice, and adding a bit more structure, but do you see how she talked about her, didn’t stay in a place of authority, and her bullets while possibly helpful, didn’t paint her reader into the story?

Most copy that you see online is missing one thing, a story.

When you can storytell, you bring the reader in, bring context in, and it makes your bullets, seem more doable.

Bullets on their own, may appear helpful. You may think you’re giving a fuck ton of information, but a list is nothing without more depth and an understanding of how to incorporate the list.

She could have done this:

When was the last time you felt bone tired? The kind of tired where you pick up your phone to start scrolling as you lay in your bed after what felt like the longest day of your life, and even doing that feels hard and boring? You want to keep your eyes open, because you, like me, hate naps, but it’s not even the eyes that are sucking the life out of you—it’s that mental/physical exhaustion of both. Can you relate?

No matter how clutch your self care routine is, there are times, where you become engrossed in life and work, and you’re completely caught off guard when the bone tired hits.

How do you navigate the tiredness, while still showing up to the rest of your life (because, uh, it’s only monday)?

My 1:1 online coaching clients who like you, are busy AF in this season of life, have loved these three specific tools:

  • Make a solid rule that if you get less than 6 hours of sleep, you don’t train BUT you still move your body. Try a 10 min walk if this ends up being you!

  • When your BFF asks you to get drinks tonight, tell her “tonight doesn’t work, can we try for next week?”. Cut out 1-2 extra social things that feel more like work than pleasure, so even if you’re a nap hater like me, you can get some rest without feeling “on”.

  • Make sure your lunch is packed with some protein and fat—I won’t tell you what to choose, you’re smart, you do that. But the fat + protein combo won’t leave in that 2pm crash you feel as you leave work like that mid-day snickers usually does.”


See how in this second edition I didn’t make it about me, and I kept the reader as the focus with painting a picture of their pain, not just telling them I know their pain, but relating to it. Then, my solves came in with a clear understanding and not just a “here’s some shit you can use, bye!”

Storytelling will make or break your business. Which is a big statement. But if you’re trying to grow from IG, your posts need to be epic in order to get your reader to sign up for your freebie, your newsletter, your offer etc.

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