How To Get Stronger Glutes: Glute Activation Warm Up + FREE Six Week Glute Building Workout Program

So you want a strong butt, eh?

Did you just channel Desgrassi when I said that? I did.

Anyway, back to the booty gains. I'm all about strong and functional glutes. As much as the media would like to make us women think that a big butt is the end all be all and that's all we should care about, I want to lay some truth on you. It's not just the size that matters, it's what they do for you. 

Your glutes:

1.)They help you run faster with less pain because strong glutes keep the front of your hips from being too tight/painful/pinchy.                    

2.) They reduce knee pain by stabilizing your hips!                     

3.) They allow your ankles and feet to feel better because your hip and knee joint can fully extend so your ankle doesn't have to do all the work.                    

4.) Think about your glutes as the roots for your low back. They support and solidify your base!

5.) A strong butt, is in turn a bigger butt. And big butts don't lie.

Those knowledge bombs were pulled from my ebook, Strong Glutes Rock--which you can get for FREE here. Yes, really--a six week glute building program for free.

So now you know that your glutes matter--it's not just all peach emoji and sir mix a lot. They serve a purpose, as does everything on your body. As so, we should be spending proper time preparing to train them.

As Americans our glutes are notoriously sleepy and basically not functioning properly because we are sitting on our asses 90% of the day. Like me, right now. I should stand up and do some glute bridges.

How can we combat that? Well, we simply need to MOVE more. 

In addition to that, you can wake up your sleepy glutes prior to any lower body workout day by doing the warm up drills below. This whole routine shouldn't take more than 10 min.

Yes, I know. You already don't want to be in the gym--but babe, peach emoji status glutes that are functional and support your body need some loving--ya know what I'm sayin?

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Are you ready for total glute domination? Great---do this before each lower body workout:

Glute Activation Warm Up

  • 2x25 glute bridges
  • 2x20 lateral band walks R/L
  • 2x15 fire hydrants R/L
  • 2x20 second side plank R/L

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