How To Fall In Love With Your Mornings + FREE How To Create A Morning Routine Ebook

I always wanted to be the kind of person who had a morning routine. You know, wake up slow, grab some green juice and make a big breakfast. Basically I wanted to be a stock image found online or a Reece Witherspoon movie. 

My mornings instead, were filled with such urgency. Everything was quick, spoken fast, eating fast, and sometimes getting mad that I wasn't going fast enough.

I was feeling off, and disappointed and knew that it didn't always have to feel like that, but I didn't know how to change it.

Morning Routines

What do you think of when you hear morning routine? 

I thought it would be an added stressor, and not something I could really do.

Until I was sick of feeling like I was pulled in so many directions and absolutely had to do something. 

I realized that I didn't like green juice, and meditating in the morning isn't an option with Coopers crazy wake up schedule (between 5am-7am). So what next?

First I wanted to figure out what a morning routine meant to me. Did I want to do it because I saw it on buzzfeed? Or was there something more. Because when we mindlessly do something, we easily lose focus, I needed a why that made sense. 

I decided that morning routines were important to me because they were my physical representation of how I wanted to feel throughout the day. 

Instead of starting my day like a bat out of hell. I wanted to create a routine that didn't matter if it was me spinning in a circle 3 times to the left, meditating, journaling or whatever—the act would be my commitment of me showing up for myself.

THAT became something I could easily commit to,

Knowing that even if the day doesn't go as planned, I will have taken action to feel the way I want to feel.

What You Need To Know About Morning Routines

  • There is no time cap needed, it can be something that lasts 1 min. Let go of the idea that it has to be a long process.
  • Your morning routine should be filled with things that you adore. Things that make you so happy. Otherwise, you're not going to get up and do it. 
  • Be open to things changing. Life happens, and sometimes you need to pivot with what's happening.

My morning routine: 

  1. Wake up + get Cooper food
  2. Pick a podcast to listen to, then wash my face + put on make up.
  3. Write one word of intention for the day in my quick journal on my bed side + a few things I'm grateful for.

Those are things that I would do anyway, I just made them my non-negotiables. Theres something enjoyable to me about washing my face and taking care of it. And I've found so much release, and enjoyment in writing my intention word each morning. 

Before it looked like this, it was only wake up + get Cooper food, then podcast + face things.

Your morning routine is you, showing up for you. Babe, you have to love it. You have to. That's the only way you'll show up. You don't have to like what I like, or do what I do. 

Figure out what excites your soul in the morning, deal?


I wrote an ebook just for you babe, so you can learn how to create your own morning routine that makes sense for your life (and isn't BS).  It's yours, just head here to download it!