How I Honored My Body This Week


Hi friends! I'm happy to be sharing a new week of how I honored my body this week with you all. The feedback I've gotten from doing this has been really cool. When I first started doing it I thought "maybe they'll think it's just a way for me to shove my pride of health in their faces"...which for the record--SO not true. We are being honest with each other, well, this part of we is. That was a serious thought of mine. I decided to do it anyway though because I feel like a lot of women don't know what honoring their body looks like. So, if by me sharing how I choose to do so with my own body even promotes one single person to take strides in honoring their body--I'll be happy. Thus far, that's the kind of feedback I've gotten, which truly makes me so happy.

Without further ado, here is how I did (and didn't) honor my body this week!

How I physically honored my body: Alright, this week I had 3 good workouts. I was pushed in a way that I don't typically get from every single workout. I'm learning (relearning) some new moves and it took more mental patience and focus than anything. I like to try to remember that each workout isn't about going balls to the wall but truly about movement and becoming stronger (in every aspect), this week that meant that I was honoring my body through taking small steps that lead to a big gain in the end (overall strength!). I also took a walk with Coop and Jimmy (that's MH's name) on Sunday instead of driving to our favorite restaurant. I love walking and am so happy my new house allows me to walk everywhere I need to go for the most part!

How I honored my body through food: I did some classics this week: BAS (big ass salad). These are my favorite way to effortlessly jam pack a ton of nutrients into one meal. I also stopped at Lucky's Market this week a few times for some pre cooked food as I wasn't totally settled into my new house yet but still wanted to grab some healthy bites. My favorite meal from there is their salmon + beet salad. Mm mm. And, because I have my own house and my own rules. I ate my food in my bed, like a boss, just because. I'm kind of excited about this. Basically, this week I feel like even through the craziness of moving, I still made healthy choices a priority..even if that meant I didn't cook it! #win image


How I spiritually honored my body: This week I bought Cheryl Strayed's new book: Brave Enough. It's a collection of quotes from her own books and her favorite quotes. I love this book (a separate post coming on it later this week).Reading her sometimes blunt but amazing words simply dug into my soul and helped me FEEL, even more so than normal. I'm an extreme introvert, and while I love my job of being social and training + networking everyday..I crave time alone. While it's never been a problem for me to make time for myself in the past, I've been finding myself getting so excited about things going on in my life I've given up that time I need to myself so badly. This week though, I made it a priority to really carve out time for me. Once that meant going to Whole Foods on Monday and eating breakfast alone. I also purposefully spent time away from my boyfriend, read alone, and really meditated on where I want my business to go--even if that meant in a towel, between work, I focused on me. Towel meditation is all the rage. (Side note: there is no perfect place for you time. My nana use to tell me to go meditate in closet if I needed, seriously.) Even though these times to myself were short periods, I'm so happy I made that high on my list. I truly feel like putting your mental health and happiness #1 on your priority list is honoring your body to the up most degree. If you don't feel good internally about you, and life..there's no way you could pour good back into others. image


So my friends, that's all she wrote. I had a great week. It was busy, I'm finishing it tired. But I'm in love with it. I'm absolutely in love with life.

What about you? How did you honor your body this week? Truly sit down and take some time to think about this.

If you didn't really focus Mapuche on it this week, how can you adjust things so next week you can finish saying "yes, I honored my body this week".

In light and love, Rachel