Honey Thoughts: Nicholas Sparks, French Fries & Summer

This is Honey Thoughts. The blog series where I talk about all of the goodness in my life outside of my business. 

That was so annoying to read out loud—"hey look at me and this goodness". What I meant was this is a semi regular blog series where I talk about the things that have nothing to do with my business. These are the small, kind, and good moments of my life that I don't really want to intertwine SCR with, but I want to write about them because they're important to me. 

You can read why Honey Thoughts became a thing, and the other posts here


My friends and I went to NYC the other week, and when we got there we were starving, so we headed into this cute little cafe. I sat in the cozy corner by the window as Billie Holiday's version of I'll Be Seeing You played on the radio. I love this song because it reminds me of The Notebook. I had just been talking about the scene of the movie with a friend, so when I walked in and heard it , my heart was happy. 

Speaking of the Notebook, I'm currently making my way through all of the Nicholas Sparks movies. Which I didn't actually realize I was doing until right now as I type this. 

Exhibit A: the other night watching Allie and Noah fall in love. 

You have to be in the right mood for Nicholas Sparks movies, and that mode is rare. Like are you emotionally ready to feel wrecked? I suppose I was. 


Exhibit B: Right now, 10:01 on Saturday night (I like to parrrtaaay), currently watching Dear John. 

I remember reading Dear John when I was 15. I was headed to the Captiva Island for the summer to nanny and I read a little bit of it everyday on the beach. I told myself "this will be the summer I fall in love". I had this grand idea that I would fall in love with a stranger on the beach and it  would unfold in my own happily ever after. I didn't fall in love on the beach that summer, but I remember holding my chest and sobbing as the hot Florida 1pm sun beat down on my chest and I tried to make the last 10 pages of the book last a lifetime. 



Cooper will be Six on June 9th, and I've been deep in my feels. He made his bed the other day and wouldn't let me come into his room while he was doing it because he wanted to surprise me. Sometimes my heart starts to swell and I think it could literally explode at the amount in which I love this human. He has, without a doubt, the most wonderful beating heart in existence. I am lucky to be loved by such a gentle and kind human, and I am lucky to be able to love so big. 

I'm falling in love with summer and it's not even fully summer yet. I just realized another thing as I'm typing this, I'm falling in love with summer because this is the first time that I've had the kind of freedom I do now since the summer when I was 15. Ohmygoodness. That was the last summer I spent being outside, playing, and reading. Ugh, I read so much that summer. 


I've been staying up late reading one of my new books, Everything Everything. I can't put it  down because it provides all the butterflies I didn't know I was missing in my life. 

I'm also reading the Great Gatsby again, which I'm loving more so than I did in high school when I read *just* enough to pass the tests. I read it  out loud today (which I really enjoyed), laying on my pink yoga mat, on my dads front lawn with The Piano Guys radio playing in the background. 

My legs burnt, and my protein bar melted, but I had the best day.  

That's what I want this summer, more of today. And these things... 

  • Reading
  • Glowing. From the inside out, but I'll also accept glowing in the form of being slightly tan and Becca highlighter in Opal. 
  • Traveling
  • The beach
  • Outdoor workouts
  • Practicing Italian on my app 
  • Writing more
  • Belly laughing a lot
  • Dancing so much
  • Taking Cooper on adventures
  • Making lots of cookies. This just sounds so good. 
  • Working outside more
  • Having the most honest, and kind conversations





I saw Justin Timberlake in concert on Monday, which I surprisingly don't have any pictures of. But I do have a picture of the dinner we had—meat, cheese, wine and fries. Does it get better than that? I mean yes, it does. But I had everything I wanted. 


Justin was incredible.

I don't know how else to describe the night, because he truly just brought sexy back and I cried a river. Too much? Yes. 

Oh no, it's happening right now, she's breaking up with John via a letter. Ugh heartbreak. 

Anyway, the last few weeks have given me moments of extreme clarity, passion, kindness, playfulness, vulnerability, love, cheese and so many belly laughs. 

I'm so grateful. So happy.