Gym Rat Want A Cookie?


Don't let me fool you for one second..Just because I'm a trainer and health and fitness are my life, doesn't mean your girl doesn't love a good cookie. Heres my two sense on cookies (and other sinful treats). When you decided to make a lifestyle change and align your eating habits to not only reach your goals, but to feel better as well, cookies don't just disappear. They will always be there, the difference now though is that we have a choice.

Red pill or blue bill...(the matrix)

But really, you can choose the cookie and deal with it giving you the sugar high and everything that comes with it. AKA: wanting another cookie, and another one, and another one.


We can choose to ignore the annoying voice in our head that wants us to give into old ways, and we can get creative. There are SO many clean dessert recipes out there. Plenty to replace those tollhouse cookies. Let me be clear though real quick, one of the points of changing a lifestyle is to cut out the negatives and not fall back in old ways. So for you, that means we don't always make a "clean treat" when we want it. However, my point here is that on special occasions, or days when you just think you need a treat, always try and health it up.


If you're not a baker though, and don't want to be creative that is a-ok. My best friend Devon and I found Cappellos cookies at Earth Fare (like Whole Foods in Polaris!). These chocolate chip cookies actually taste amazing--because lets be honest, not all "clean treats" taste the best. They have great flavor and best of all the wont piss your body off. The cool thing about them is that they are technically paleo. If you don't know what that means heres the DL: they are grain free, sugar free, dairy free. Basically there aren't any inflammatory foods.

Yes, I already know what you're thinking. If they are free of all the normal yummy stuff then I must be lying. I kid you not, I like these better than "normal" cookies.

So go check these out, or have fun whipping up your own healthy alternative. Fit people love their cookies too. It's not that we can't have the sugary and poisonous ones. It's that we know that when we eat like crap, we feel like crap.