Grocery Shopping 101

Let's break down going grocery shopping. It's honestly not hard, we tend to just make it this complicated thing. So below I'm going to give you your cheat sheet to shopping on how to make it a breeze.


1.) First things first (I'm the realist), you need a budget. Wether it's $30,$50 or $100 for the week. It can be done, I PROMISE you! Stick to this budget at all times!

2.) Determine what you need, and want to eat for the week. Aka:meal plan. This doesn't have to be a hassle! Take a 5 min Pinterest look "clean eating dinner" . If you have a tight budget here are tips to help you keep the cost low:

- Skip go vegetarian at lunch, meat is pricey so cutting it out of one meal will cut down costs!

- Pick recipes that include the same ingredients: Shredded chicken tacos, grilled chicken and veggies ect.

3.) Now go to the store and get your shop on. Seriously, that easy!

Lets take it a step further though to make sure you know HOW to shop once you get there:

Stick to the premieter of the store. Meaning, no need to go down the isles. Your food should primarily consist of fruits, veggies, protein , complex carbs and healthy fats. With this being said, you might need to go down isles to get peanut butter, bars, oats and things like that but your primary food will come from the outside ring of the store. What is your budget like? If it's small, say goodbye to the "fun" fitness foods. The $3.00 protein bar, $10.00 peanut butter. Yeah, those are going to cost you big time! Shop organic when you can! If your budget allows it always aim for organic/nitrate free meats. When buying fruits or veggies stick to the dirty dozen list when buying organic. You can find it on Pinterest , but basically if it has a skin like an orange or avocado then it's ok to buy NON organic. Items with skin are protected from the chemicals they spray on the them. Things like strawberries, pepper, kale ect, are best bought organic! If you can't afford organic, don't skip healthy food all together. You won't die from container of blueberries that aren't organic. But we always the best when we can get it. Frozen fruits nod veggies can help your budget a ton...sometimes! So always double check the price. Here's a sample meal plan for the week and a grocery list to go with it!

Remember, we want are meals to consist of whole, real foods.

-A protein source


-Complex carb

-Healthy fats



Greek yogurt+oatmeal+berries Green smoothie Scrambled eggs topped with avocado and a side of fruit Eziekel bread toast with 2 hard boiled eggs and a grapefruit Overnight oats with a protein shake Grapefruit with eggs and bacon Eziekel bread French toast with 2 hard boiled eggs Lunch:

Avocado tuna salad with green peppers Grilled chicken with a mixed rice/quinoa salad Lettuce wraps with a side of Greek yogurt Exiekel bread chicken, bacon sandwich ( use Greek yogurt+garlic powder+onion powder+pepper as a sauce) Turkey and cheese roll ups with 1 green pepper and 1/2 an avocado Turkey burger topped with bacon, quinoa/rice on the side Ezekiel bread tuna salad sandwich (use avocado and Greek yogurt to make a mixture for it) Dinner:

Ground turkey tacos with a side of fruit salad Shredded crockpot BBQ chicken with a side of sweet potato fries bacon wrapped chicken with sautéed mixed veggies Pizzas (2 corn tortillas with sauce+shredded chicken+veggies and cheese) Breakfast for dinner Turkey meatballs with rice and sautéed veggies Loaded sweet potato (chick, bacon, onions, cheese) side of broccoli The shopping list:

1 tub Greek yogurt Cheese of choice 1lb deli meat (turkey) 1 dozen eggs 2lbs chicken 1lb ground turkey Bacon (1lb or 1 package) 3 avocados 2-3 green peppers Broccoili Rice or quinoa (or both) 2 sweet potatoes Ice burg or romaine lettuce 2 grapefruits bananas eziekel bread Side note, it's good to always have things like oatmeal, spices, peanut butter, protein powder, onions and other basic ingredients on hand(sauces). These things should only need to be bought once a month, if that!


Well there you go guys, please let me know what questions you have?

What are your go to meals?