Full Body Quick Workout

I'm all about that quick workout life. I don't know, maybe it's years of being slave to the gym trying to change my body through hours of fitness that I'm just so over it, or maybe it's the fact that I learned that you don't even have to spend that much time in the gym to get the results you want.

Granted it depends on what your goals are, but if you want to get stronger, maybe lose some body fat, or just feel good--you can get in and out in under 30 min, no problem.

My VIP Coaching Clients range from doctors, students, stay at home moms and simply put--really freaking busy women. They don't have time to dedicate hours to the gym, nor do they want to. That's why the majority of SCR workout programs look something like what's below. Your fitness routine should add to your life and not detract from it or make you freak out on how you can fit it in. 

Here's a quick full body workout:

A1- Goblet Squat x10

A2-Seated Cable row x10

A3- Single Arm Overhead Press x8-10 R/L

Complete 3-4 rounds of A, then move on to section B.

B1-Glute Bridges x25 (add weight if desired) 

B2-Push ups x8-10 (elevate hands and widen foot position to modify)

Complete 3-4 rounds. 


Set a timer for 5 min and complete as many rounds as possible with good form.

  • 5 reverse crunches
  • 10 jump squats
  • 5 burpees

If short workouts are your jam and you want a routine that is customized to your life and goals, SCR offers a monthly membership that provides you with a customized training program each month. VIP coaching encompasses it all for you, from teaching you how to move for your body, giving you the tools to learn how to stop dieting forever (yeah that's right, no more binging and restricting!), tools to help you love yourself like guided meditations and the SCR Self Love Journal, a whole workout video library and more---your coaching is designed for YOU and your life.

I only work with a limited amount of women at once so I can ensure each of you get quality coaching--if a tribe of women who support you, your own personal coach + a program customized for you sounds like your jam--you can sign up and learn more HERE.


Questions? Email me here: strongchicksrock.rachelturner@gmail.com