Friday Breakdown: How I honored My Body This Week (3)


Friday, hello Friday. I adore you. Not because the weekend is here, I equally love every day. I feel like people are nicer on Friday's though, which in turn means strangers are less likely to stare at the ground as they pass me on the street and I get a few more smiles. I dig that. This week was lots of things. Fun, new, crazy, intense. So shall we begin? Here's how I did (and didn't) honor my body this week. How I physically honored my body: I surprised myself this week--you guys, I did pull ups. Let me be clear, these were band assisted pull ups, but I did them and I left my workout feeling strong and beaming with happiness. I had written pull ups off for so long because of some shoulder problems, this week in a class I took with our members, our coach suggested I try...and I DID IT. Obviously I still have a great deal of work to do, and strength to gain before I'm rocking them out on my own but I'm pumped. I completed 3 workouts this week (will be four by the end of Friday night). I did a barefoot workout outside on Thursday, I loved it. I mean, being outside on October 1st + cool fall breeze + a kettlebell makes me one happy woman. I only had 20 min so I did a quick (but efficient and well preformed) KB circuit. 10 swings, 20ft foot hand crawl, 10 goblet squats. All of my workouts recently have left me feeling beyond happy and strong, that's what I'm going for! Oh, can't forget..MH and I hit up a local park last Saturday and it was amazing. We walked for over an hour, maybe more. Friends, don't write off walks. The weather was perfect, I was happy and even though it took me a good 5 min to walk over a fallen tree because I was scared--I was still moving and using my body in a way that encouraged a different kind of strength and mindfulness.

IMG_1300 (1)                      IMG_1294

How I spiritually honored my body: This week I feel I was tested in multiple different ways. In my patience, in motherhood, in my career, through friendships ect. So what did I do? I could have been pissed at what was happening out of my control this week, and I'd be lying if I said that for a few brief moments I didn't let my emotions get the best of me. However, instead of breathing more life into those emotions than needed--I just breathed. I chose happiness. I chose to be present. Old me, the me that required validation from others, that made conversation based off of drama and negative talk--that me would have allowed the bumps in this week make me cave and turn into a grumpy bitch face. This week though, I rocked it out as best I could. Because being a piss ant is no way to honor your body and show it love. To choose joy in the midst of craziness, to be a role model for my son, my clients and to remain happy Rachel--I will always choose joy and choose to honor my body through kind and positive thoughts.

How I honored by body through nourishment: I know I said I wasn't a fan of this (personal opinion)...I did some meal prep this week and I'm so thankful I did. Now that I'm working both online and at a gym: The Human Form (Grandview,OH), I'm finding myself with less time to devote to cooking. While I'm still rockin out some healthy and simple meals, I wasn't happy. I love tuna, but because I haven't been coking as much, my go to meal was tuna, pepper, avocado + another veggie and I was getting burnt out.


MH and I prepped:

  • Sweet potato/chicken sausage/apple bake (recipe here on instagram)
  • Roasted Brussels sprout/beet/walnut/goat cheese
  • Spaghetti squash pasta with meat sauce
  • Chicken salad
  • Smoothie makings
  • Venison stew

My body was oh so happy with all the creations from this week. I paired the roasted beet mix with two eggs and it was to die for. I really feel the most satisfied with food I have in the past few months. We spent two hours this Sunday and rocked out these simple meals that lasted us all week! I feel well nourished and pleased with all of our choices.

P.S- I'm super freaking happy at how Cooper (my son) honored his body this week. He choose some super healthy options for breakfast Thursday morning without being prompted by me. Bacon and eggs with some blueberries...THATS MY DUDE.


How I didn't honor my body this week:

I don't share this in a "woe is me" type way, only so you guys can see examples of what honoring your body does and doesn't look like.


  • MH(see: obviously placed hands to your left) and I went to The Hills Market on Saturday night--the place itself is pretty cool. We both got some pretty basic salads and I loved mine. After we finished we decided to grab a treat, they carry some awesome locally made desserts. Because it's so rare that I grab a dessert not made by myself, I was excited but pretty overwhelmed with the decisions. Honestly, I don't know what kind of desserts I truly love. We both saw this apple bacon pie thing and it looked fucking awesome. We buy it, sit down, open totally let us down. I took a few bites to figure out the flavor and texture because it was a lot different than anything I've tried. I should have stopped after I realized I didn't like it...however, I pretty much finished my part of it (minus the last few bites). Guys, this is how you don't honor your body. Honoring it would have looked like this: taste it, realize it tastes like the back end of a yack, don't eat anymore. Did this ruin my day? No. I would have much rather not wasted money, and saved a special meal like that for something I know I love.





What about you, how did you honor your body this week?

Did you find that by actively being present during the week in how you honor your body is helping you along your health and fitness journey?