Friday Breakdown: How I Honored My Body (2)


This week has absolutely flown by--how the heck did that happen? I'll attribute this to my favorite tattoo: "Here and now". Anything I've done, everywhere I've been this week--I've been focusing on being all there. Being present, in every situation, the good and the shit storms---has brought calmness to my life in a weird way. It''s brought joy, its allowed me to truly experience everything going on to it's fullest capacity and I fucking love it. I'm not sure yet how I can fully explain the true impact that such a simple mindset shift has had on my life. It is grand, and it is wonderful. Let's get into how I honored my body this week, shall we?

FullSizeRenderHow I Physically Honored My Body: This week rocked in terms of my movement. I had 4 awesome workouts and will hit another one during my lunch break today. I typically train alone, but for the past few weeks I've chosen to take part in some small group personal training classes at the gym I coach at, The Human Form. I fucking love doing this. At first, I wanted to get a feel of just interacting with the clients, then I realized how much I love being coached myself. As a trainer, you really don't have anyone watching your own form and helping you make tweaks when needed. You don't see yourself move so to have someone watch you and find things that you can't always feel and see is really a cool experience. I'm focusing on becoming stronger and doing some corrective work to fix my shoulders and back. Man, let me tell you--I feel strong. I'm not flipping tires or swinging 100lbs, but I am learning how to stabilize my body better, how to breathe better, and building core strength among other things. Through all of that, I'm moving more efficiently and feel like a completely different person in my lifts and movement. My favorite form of movement this week was one of the finishers in the workout we did: sled pushes. I love that damn sled. I also loved that I worked out with 3 freaking strong women while doing it which just made the challenge of pushing a heavy sled 10x better. Seeing women empower and encourage each other--that's the shit I like.

How I Spiritually Honored My Body: Another week of practicing being present in every moment. While this week emotionally threw some curve balls, I feel as though my practice of being present allowed me to acknowledge the rush of emotions as they came to me, but then let them go and not give life to them. Instead, focus on the good and keep an attitude of gratitude. I'm building a stronger sense of community along with new friendships/relationships and through those I'm growing and experiencing life in a whole new way. Having friends who "get it"--"it" being a healthy life, both physically and mentally, are hard to come by. So I'm cherishing the conversations,time and growth that comes from our time together.

IMG_1233How I Honored My Body Through Nourishment: This week was filled with some amazing meals. Coming out of competition prep mindset has been easier than I thought it would be, but still a little prep thought will arise here and there. When I was planning to compete I was eating solely for a physique (hence why I decided against it), so instead of seeing food as love, something I'm passionate about and most importantly: fuel. I began to see it in numbers and "good" and "bad". Now, I eat for life. Like I have all my life. I'll go into specific detail of how I eat later on this week. But the goal each week is to continue to not overthink, to enjoy, eat when hungry, eat to preform well, eat what my body responds well to and what aligns to my goals. I'm totally digging my breakfast smoothies. Adding 1/2 an avocado + protein powder + veggies and a fruit is keeping me full for 5+ hours each day. Seeing that greek yogurt is leaving my life again (it should have never come back, unless I like acne--I don't.). Did I talk enough yet? Geez, Rachel--How did I honor my body through nourishment this week? I simply didn't overthink my meals and ate what made me feel good and happy. I ate out, Bibipop to be exact, I made some awesome meals at home with my boyfriend and I feel great--though I did discover that ghee is no longer my friend. Which a great example of how you can honor your body--if you're getting signals you're body doesn't respond well to something, take that bitch out!



Your turn, gorgeous. How did you honor your body this week? Spend some time reflecting each way you did. If you didn't or missed a few aspects, think about how you can change that going into next week.