Fierce Friday Favorites + Gratitude

Gratitude isn't an every moment thing, but it is an everyday thing, or it can be. We go through ups and downs and different seasons of life, and gratitude is that thing in hard moments that's like no I don't know or don't want to experience you because it means shifting out of the comfort of our sometimes sadness,'s radical and shift your mindset out of fear/anxiety and into love. 

This week, my heart is bursting. I've cried more times in public than I can count, and if you know me, well you know that's a lot.

This week I'm grateful for the moments and people who made me feel like "OMG, I'm not alone, ME TOO!". Those moments save you. They make you feel more human, more love, more whole and more everything.


1. The Banks Concert

When I left my marriage, I remember thinking "who the fuck am I?". My relationship with my ex-husband started because I lied about liking his favorite movie. I was like okay Rachel, who/what do you like? What music do you like? The first time I heard Change on Spotify I was like OMG I love this music. I'm not a deep musical person, but her songs and lyrics had never resonated so deeply in my soul. She would sing and I would cry thinking "YES OMG HOW DO YOU KNOW?".

I made my ex-boyfriend sit in a car with me while I played one of her songs because I needed him to know how I felt, and her powerful words spoke more than I could in that moment. Needless to say, I broke up with him. lol.

Anyway...I got to see her live, after years of waiting. It was magic. 





2. This Book & Witches

I was gifted the book Witch, and it's everything. I was training a client + dear friend once and she was like "Do you ever feel...witchy?" and in that moment I knew that she was a soul friend, not just a client or 'kind of friend', she got me. We then played with crystals, and smuged the house. I can't explain it, other than getting this book felt like the unnecessary validation I didn't know I needed to feel more normal in my body.

Growing up with a nana who would swing a pendulum over me to find out what was wrong, teach me mantras and many other things..I felt 'not normal'. I liked it, I like the word witch. It resonates. Its powerful to me. When you hear it, maybe you think broom sticks and Hocus Pocus. When I hear it, I feel power. I feel women shedding layers of who they thought they had to be and instead striking the world with their soul, with their light and with their truth. 

There's always been this, powerful, undying, something inside of me—and we all resonate with a different word, person, etc—do you feel it too?

Grab the book HERE. It's good. Real good. 


3. THIS Playlist

This is my Sunday morning playlist. It makes those pancake flipping mornings that much more enjoyable and reminds of my second favorite movie, Matilda. When she was flipping pancakes to Rusted Root's, Send Me On My Way. It's dreamy. Grab the playlist here.

4. My hair stylist, Devan Aledia. She is a goddess. 

Listen, I've been getting my hair done since I was 11 (LOL) and no one has been as real, or shown as much talent as this babe. 

She was honest about the process and how long it would take to achieve my goal (long and healthy hair), and you guys, if you're in Columbus, you MUST go to her.

Her work speaks for herself, but most importantly, if you're looking for a kind human who cares about you + sees you for more than just money you're paying them, you need her. 

Her vibes are the best, her studio is the most dreamy and she plays Patsy Cline as you relax and she does her hair magic. 

You can stalk her on IG HERE:

You can book online with her HERE.

PS- Not being paid to say this, she has no idea I'm writing this. I'm just obsessed with her. 


5. THIS podcast

You guys, I love Katie Dalebout. Her book, Let It Out—it literally is always in my backpack. I reference her daily, and her she changed my life. This podcast is everything and I cried, lol duh. Her guest Ashley is just the realist and they have the most rad conversation. 

Listen to the episode HERE.

Grab her book HERE.









That's all I got for you this week, Beaming so much love your way.