Exactly How A Personal Trainer Eats Over The Holidays

Past holidays looked a little like this...

Wake up, don't eat.

I did this because I wanted to be hungry for the big meal later that day, making sure I 'had enough room'.

Good idea in theory, right? The downside of this is that by time dinner came along, I was so hungry that I began snacking on appetizers, which didn't leave me feeling hungry for dinner, but I would eat it anyway, then dessert too because that was the plan. 

Because I had been so hungry all day, I was uncontrollable when the food actually came. 

I was doing it wrong. 

Here's exactly how I eat during the holidays now

Here's the deal, the more you restrict, the more you're going to feel neurotic and hungry around food. This doesn't allow you to make empowered choices around food, and typically leads to a lot of overeating. 

I follow a few key principles when it comes to eating during the holidays, and on any given day. 

  1. Don't skip meals. If we know skipping leads to overeating because of hanger, make sure to eat normal breakfast and lunch to avoid overeating at the big meal time. 
  2. Honor your hunger. Listen to your hunger cues and not Aunt Sally who wants you to eat every pie she baked. Yes this is a food centered holiday, but it doesn't have to be a holiday that feels physically uncomfortable just because that's how everyone else feels. Check in with yourself frequently and ask yourself how you're feeling. If you're feeling satisfied and another piece of pie is going to put you over the edge, remember that you can come back. Your food won't walk away, I promise. 
  3. Don't eat food you don't like. If you're baking a paleo, no sugar, tastes like dirt brownie just to 'be healthy' when what you really want is Aunt Sally's pie, eat the pie. What typically happens in this case is that you feel restricted, and just like we talked about above, the more you restrict, the more neurotic you feel around food and are more likely to overeat. 

You wanted more though right?

Do you feel like I just click baited you, thinking I was going to tell you exactly what foods I was going to eat and how much? Yeah, sorry if I let you down. I'm not going to do that for one big reason.

I don't want you to see me say I'm having pie, and you feel like this gives you permission to have pieor whatever it is you want, when maybe you aren't completely on the train of food freedom yet so that feels a little overwhelming for you.

If you follow the guideline above, I'm really damn confident that your holiday season will feel a little bit easier than it has in the past. 

Let me break it down so it feels even easier for you:

Work on reframing how you approach this day, instead of seeing it as a day to be 'bad', ask yourself what you want, honor your hunger, and remember that the goal isn't to stuff your face just because everyone else is doing it. 

Still have questions? I got you boo. 

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