Don't Eat Sh*t You Don't Like

Have you ever tried to diet?  You eat things like asparagus and quinoa and you're like rocking this whole diet game for 11 solid days. and then you realize that asparagus and quinoa with plain chicken tastes like ass? So then you binge?

Sorry if you like those two things, but I don't--so I don't eat them.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to eat things you don't like to reach your goals. Crazy, I know.

I ate sour patch kids + a diet ginger ale the other day it wasn't a cheat--it was a Wednesday afternoon, BEFORE, dinner. 

The More You Restrict, The More You Binge

My SCR monthly membership clients have access to a password protected member website that is home to a whole video series on intuitive eating (and some other really cool stuff like bonus workouts, booty guides and more!. These videos, in small 2-3 min chunks, teach them how to eat the foods they love + still reach their goals.

One of the videos goes over this topic, and come one, you know it's true. The more "clean" you eat, the more you binge. Only to wind back up on Monday, "starting over'.

The solution?

Be more flexible. 

Trust me, if you don't have a healthy relationship with food or your body, I know this is an intense idea to wrap your mind around--that's why support and coaching can come in clutch here, so you can learn to trust your body with support and guidance.

Regardless--start with this, don't eat shit you don't like. Find recipes or foods that honor your body and your goals. 

If you don't like tuna, chicken and broccoli or oatmeal--you can find options you DO like.

I don't love plain chicken, so I like to buy a rotisserie chicken, and it add it to sandwiches, big ass salads with GOOD stuff in them like apples, walnuts, blue cheese and beets!

When you can find those foods that honor your body + your goals, that you actually enjoy--you'll find that you don't feel like a salve to your food. That's one of the first steps in creating a healthy relationship with food!

And if sour patch kids or _______ in moderation, stop you from binging on 3,000+ calories on the weekend---well then I'd say it's worth it.


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