Do You Want To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting For Good?

What if I told you that you could eat pizza or have wine without guilt?


Would you roll your eyes, waiting to hear what BS falls from my mouth? Or would you be open to trying something completely different than anything you’ve ever done before. Because at this point, you’re open to trying anything, no matter how out there it sounds—if it means you can stop obsessing about food.

You’re smart, like really smart—yet you find yourself getting lured into diet after diet with no real progress ever made.

You’re pissed because not only are your energy and money being slowly depleted, you’re desire to feel at home in your body feels so far fetched that you’re beginning to lose hope.

You have glimmers of excitement, typically when you start a new diet and go balls to the wall for a few days, yeah?

Then someone invites you somewhere, and you can’t follow the rules of diet like planned and then you ‘fall off’.

Here’s the deal, you can find the freedom and sense of home in your body you’re looking for. You can break up with dieting once and for all. You CAN stop binging, and lose weight without continuing to waste your time and money.

We know that dieting isn’t serving you any longer, right? I mean you’re never happy, you aren’t getting results that last and it’s sucking the life out of you—this means we need to drop kick that bitch to the curb. Intense? Yeah, but I mean would you hang onto a boyfriend that kept cheating on you while blaming yourself for the whole thing? Nope.

Strong Chicks Rock has worked with over 700 women to help them break up with dieting for good. We’ve mastered the art of the break up, and kept women binge free for years.

By integrating intuitive eating, with our approach to food freedom we’ve seen women be able to:

  • Lose weight and keep it off.

  • Say yes to brunch with friends without stressing out about ruining their progress.

  • Go to happy hour with ease.

  • Feel more empowered in their relationships with their partners.

  • Be able to have foods they love in their house without binignig.

  • Stay binge free for 3+ years

  • Eat the food they love without guilt.

  • Love their bodies, for real.


I currently have 8 spots open to work with me and my custom coaching program. Enrollment will stay open until Monday July 2nd, or once 8 women join us (which may come first!).

I know your’e skeptical. I know you’re wondering how the hell you can eat what you want and still get results. I’ve been in your exact shoes.

I’ve been the girl who lived and breathed by her myfitnesspal app. Who deleted it, and redownloaded it 8+ times.

I’ve also been the girl who was always angry at women who seemed to have it together, while I cried and hated myself for what appeared to be my lack of willpower.

I’ve been the girl who’s ½ a pint deep with no ending in sight because I thought I’d already started and I’ve ‘fucked up enough, so I might as well keep going’. All the while wanting to stop but not being able to.

I’ve done every diet there possibly is in order to find one ounce of okayness in my body.

I get it.


Which is why I created this custom coaching program. Because i know that your journey to food freedom and body peace can’t possibly be found in a cookie cutter program.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I want to work with you to help you find YOUR freedom.

I know you want to start saying YES to life. You want to say yes to the things you want to do without being consumed with negative thoughts about your body and stressing about food.

Okay, so ready to go steady with freedom?

Yes, no, or maybe?


Head here to enroll + lean more.