Strong Chicks Of Columbus You Need To Know About: Devan Aledia

I had been begging my dad "please let me get my hair done!!". No, he easily said to his 11 year old daughter. I was devastated. 

But, as luck would have it, on my 12th birthday he took me to get my hair done as a surprise. "You only have to do this once right?" I told him yes of course, only one time and then it's there forever. 

I'm sure you can imagine how the rest went, 6 week later and my 12 year old self had roots which was quite hilarious because I think something was wrong with me. 

Ever since then, I've been getting my hair done. I feel like I've been on this massive voyage to find THE best hair stylist. I knew she existed. I knew she could hear my words and work her magic, I just hadn't found her yet. 

Devan Aledia


A couple of months ago I went on the hunt once more to find a hairstylist. I stalked Instagram. What I was finding from these hair stylists was pictures of peoples hair, which like duh, I get. But I wanted to vibe with my hair stylist. Are you nice? Will it be weird to sit in your chair for 2+ hours? Do you perhaps like to sage your house like I do? These are important things I wanted to know.

Upon randomly finding Devan, I was able to get a  glimpse of her life. YES. She's it.

Upon our first appointment, I was greeted by her outside of the studio. Her kindness was radiating out of her, so that checked that box,

As we entered the studio, she asked if I wanted anything to drink + played some Patsy Cline. It was perfect. We talked about my hair and my hair goals. Which literally no one has ever asked me and I've been doing this for 11 years. 

She was honest about the process, and didn't BS or sugar coat anything. You guys, my hair was a MESS. 

I left my first appointment feeling inspired, and SO happy with my hair. No you don't understand. I usually leave hair appointments feeling meh, so to not have to fake smile was HUGE. She fucking crushed it. Even through my 'transition hair phase".

My second appointment rolls around and the night prior I was thinking about what this next step of the process would be like. I had this perfect Idea in my head, but I went in and just let her do her thing. 

You guys, I left feeling AMAZING. She essentially read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted. A look of my hair I had been trying to accomplish for years, she so effortlessly did. 

She's Amazing

As a single mom, and business owner, me getting my hair done is such a luxury. Devan has not only helped me achieve my hair goals, she is the kind os hair stylist that cares about you, as an actual human.

She'll tell you the truth about the process instead of just slapping color on that will wash away in a week, and she's badass. 

You could go anywhere in Columbus to get your hair done, but my vote is Devan. Her talent speaks for itself, but her kindness, vibes and everything else about her make her the easiest choice for me to say HELL YES to in Columbus.

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