Dear Strong Chick: The Column For Young Women Written By Anna Noel

When Anna came to me over the summer wanting to work with me, it was an easy yes. At the time, she was 17 but walked and spoke with wisdom of 34 year old. Anna is an old soul, who made me fall in love with my job again. She’s wise beyond her years, kind and writes about things that matter. Every Friday she’ll be gracing you with her weekly column. Talking a bout being a young woman in high school, getting ready to take on the world by storm.

Anna, you’re brilliant. The floor is yours. Take creative reigns and soar.



Dear Strong Chick,


    Welcome to the place where girls can just be girls. Kickass, united girls. My name is Anna and I am beyond excited to be introducing this column to Strong Chicks Rock! Dear Strong Chick, is a place for young women to ask their questions about feelings, fitness, real-world problems, relationships, mental health, and navigating their place in the world. 

    When Rachel asked me to be a part of the Strong Chicks Rock business I thought I was dreaming. Writing, speaking the truth and helping other girls find who they are meant to be are all things I am incredibly passionate about. My creative energy overflows, making this an outlet that will not only help me but so many other girls!

    I first became a Strong Chick back in July. Having struggled with an eating disorder as a former swimmer, Rachel’s approach to one-on-one fitness and body coaching was EVERYTHING I needed. My eating disorder went on for two years without even knowing it. I started dieting when I was twelve and quickly fell down the rabbit hole. Rachel has gotten me to a healthy place with food and exercise. I don’t count calories anymore, push myself through hours of unnecessary exercise, and at just 18 I have more confidence than I ever imagined for myself. 

    For my senior year, I started a lifestyle blog, Abundantly Anna-Noel, where I want to bring together and empower young women everywhere. One of the greatest connections Rachel and I have is our longing for influential relationships with women. Rachel was raised by her Dad and while I had my best friend and mother for a beautiful 16 years, I lost a little over a year ago. I find pieces of her in the women that I surround myself. Strong Chicks Rock has filled a part of my broken heart and together Rachel and I want to do that for others. 

    Dear Strong Chick, will be accepting questions from the readers about everything and anything they would like to know. Even the hard stuff, especially the hard stuff! Grief, body image, and heartbreak, but also happiness, perseverance, and love. 

    Finding such a truly life-changing mind and body approach right here in Columbus, the only home I’ve ever known, does not feel like an accident to me. I once told Rachel “You know how people always say ‘Be the person you needed when you were younger’? Well, that’s what you are to me”. I hope to be that person for someone else too. 


- I put peanut butter on everything

- Interior Design school fall of 2019! Here I come!

- My favorite 90’s movie is Good Will Hunting

- The gym is my happy place

- Movement is my greatest tool

- I want to study abroad in France

- My Dad reminds me every day what it means to persevere

- My Mom taught me that we are how we treat each other and nothing more

- I have a thing for the way the leaves change

    To ask Strong Chick questions, follow me on Instagram, @abundantly.annanoel, and participate in my weekly stories! 

See you next Friday! 

All the love,

Anna. x