Confessions Of A Personal Trainer


I can't even begin to tell you how passionate I am about my job. I absolutely adore it. I get super jazzed when people ask me what I do and I get to tell them..but, the moment I do, they get this look on their face like I suddenly have x-ray vision and can see into their stomachs, viewing the pizza they ate for dinner last night. P.S- I can't. OR

I get the look of "oh great, she thinks shes better than me. Her and her damn celery sticks." P.S- I don't like celery.

Here's The Deal..

I don't need people to love health and fitness the way I do, so you'll never find me shoving my views or opinions down your throat. There are some things I'd like to confess though, and let you know. So next time you see me you don't run the other direction in fear I'm judging you.

Nope--none of that happening here. Also, I really just dig sharing my heart, mind and life with you guys.

Without further ado, here are my confessions.

  1. I don't care if you ate pizza last night. That doesn't change your heart, your drive or who you are as a person. What I care about is how you feel, how you're rocking life, and how you feel about you. Don't feel like you need to hide any aspect of your life from me--zero judgement here.
  2. I want you to feel strong and healthy and in order to get you there in a healthy and safe way, we may do things that aren't the fitness norm. So no, you're not going to run on the treadmill with me, you're not going to do 100 sit ups and your definitely not going to spend 2 hours in the gym (unless you dig that kinda thing--then by all means go ahead.). We will do things that you may think "what in the flying fuck?"..for example: crawling. My clients crawl, a lot. Yeah, it may look and feel weird at first. Talk about a full body movement though, stabilizing the shoulders, bracing your core (uh, hello burn) and focusing on breathing patterns just to name a few of the benefits. Bottom line: I'm different, I like it this way--and I hope you can welcome the differences that create SCR.
  3. I like taking pictures of my food and life. Better yet, I love sharing it. I started sharing "clean recipes" on my instagram almost four years ago. I did it out of pure joy because I loved what I was eating and I wanted to inspire others to rock a healthy life too. So yes, I share a lot. I hashtag a lot. I share my personal and professional life because this business is lead by roots of strength and authenticity. Strength doesn't just happen in the gym. It happens in my family life, through my relationship, my friendships. EVERYTHING. So I'm going to keep sharing, because the story of my life is what made SCR happen and I have loved every minute of it.


  4. I'm not a food nazi.  Yo, I love food. I feel like memories are created over food, passion is shared and love is expressed through the act of eating it and creating it. So lets be clear, I love Mama Mimi's Amore pizza (YESSS), I also love donuts. And when the mood strikes me, when I feel like those things will add to what I'm doing, or I simply want one--I may have one. What I love more though is feeling good before, after and during my meals. While I choose to eat primarily whole, real foods, I do it because that's what leaves me physically and mentally feeling good. Will I have a piece of pie on Thanksgiving? I mean maybe. I know I'm not the kind of person who wants one piece though. I want it all. So instead, I'll come prepared with my "healthier" version that leaves me feeling good and I don't have to have the mental battle of "is it worth it?", and if I do decide it's worth it..I'll eat it. I don't cut foods into "good" or "bad" categories, I eat what makes me feel damn good.


So that's all she wrote, friends. I'm "real", whatever that means--and I really love what I do.