I Fell Asleep And Woke Up At A Brewery


True story. That's not even the best part. See, the plan was hike at hocking hills then go to Alchemy for smoothie bowls. Pretty much a day of honoring my body hard core. How it went down was a little more eventful than that, and I was okay with it. Because life doesn't always go as planned, and because in the middle of this awesome day as it wasn't going as expected--I was able to achieve some bad ass things (in my mind at least). IMG_4505

We went to a trail I'd never done before (considering I've only have done a few very small..small, trails) and about 3 min into it I was ready to peace out. This was no trail in a state park, this was a fucking monster with like 2 feet wide of walking space and then cliff. As in you could have literally pushed me off the cliff and I'd be a goner. I felt fear, in my gut I felt the scariest most intense feeling I'd ever felt. I even joked that we should turn around multiple times--I was being pretty fucking serious though.  I didn't want any of it, because my comfort zone is safe. Because the trail we could've taken, was a trail on the ground..where I couldn't die off a cliff. Because safety is familiar.

Instead of crying, which was an actual option many times. I channeled my inner Cheryl Strayed, literally. I acknowledged my fear, I looked over the cliff, down the cracks in the rock that had been eroded and instead of continuing to give life to a story of fear and death. I welcomed fear into my body.

Hello fear, I'm hear to make you my bitch.

I started walking a little quicker, because my snail pace that I was keeping in order to avoid death was nothing short of hilarious and ridiclous. I took the time to stop staring at the ground and look up and see the beautiful world in front of me. Let me tell you, nothing is more incredible than complete silence in the middle of the forest, looking down at the world below you just taking in every breathe--realizing your problems are nothing. Realizing the world is so big and grand, and that I want nothing more than to appreciate every single second of feeling it's grandness.

I spent years of my life looking at ground, feeling scared. Years of living in fear because I didn't know how to live in anything else. I didn't know how to do anything but walk into a room and wonder if everyone had noticed that I wore the same shirt 6 days ago, or if they liked my hair.


Looking down, being scared--those are a choice. The unknown is scary, that I know all too well. What's scarier though is living the same day for 75 years and calling it a life. When you are approached with fear, you have two options--look down, embrace it, give life to the story you are creating in your head.. OR you can live your life and when feelings of fear arise you can acknowledge them. You can allow its presence to be there and then you can do this awesome thing and move forward with life.

I know you're thinking "easy for her to say, she doesn't get it". I really fucking get it though.

I got married at 18 because being comfortable was what I thought, a safer option/ less scary option than living a life I wanted.

I stay married for three years because I was too scared to change. Could I raise a three year old boy on my own? Where would I live?

I quit going to high school and started online school because I was too scared to stand up to bullies.

Girl, I get it.

I promise you that when you feel fear, you do have a choice. Do the scary thing anyway and see how your life transforms.

Oh, and about the brewery...While I had intended on honoring my body through some cool movement and a lovely smoothie, my boyfriend decided to make a pit stop on the way home. After our hike I was exhausted, fell asleep in the car and then woke up at Rock Mill Brewery. This place was awesome, a cool looking log cabin-ish type place in the middle of nowhere Ohio. Okay, it was Lancaster. Trying a couple beers wasn't on my agenda that day for honoring my body. I didn't even start tasting alcohol until a few months ago (okay, minus those rebellious few times in high school..sorry dad). I've decided I like craft beer (I mean, can you decide that if you've only had it twice?). I tasted a few sips of each that James ordered and was done. I choose this for the experience, and because 4 sips of beer--in the grand scheme of life, is nothing. I made the decision that life rocks, and when else can I say I fell asleep and then woke up at a brewery? Probably not to many.


So fear, that big scary bitch. Acknowledge her, feel her presence and then let it all go. No matter how big or scary the task at hand is, you always have a choice.




How I Honored My Body This Week


Hi friends! I'm happy to be sharing a new week of how I honored my body this week with you all. The feedback I've gotten from doing this has been really cool. When I first started doing it I thought "maybe they'll think it's just a way for me to shove my pride of health in their faces"...which for the record--SO not true. We are being honest with each other, well, this part of we is. That was a serious thought of mine. I decided to do it anyway though because I feel like a lot of women don't know what honoring their body looks like. So, if by me sharing how I choose to do so with my own body even promotes one single person to take strides in honoring their body--I'll be happy. Thus far, that's the kind of feedback I've gotten, which truly makes me so happy.

Without further ado, here is how I did (and didn't) honor my body this week!

How I physically honored my body: Alright, this week I had 3 good workouts. I was pushed in a way that I don't typically get from every single workout. I'm learning (relearning) some new moves and it took more mental patience and focus than anything. I like to try to remember that each workout isn't about going balls to the wall but truly about movement and becoming stronger (in every aspect), this week that meant that I was honoring my body through taking small steps that lead to a big gain in the end (overall strength!). I also took a walk with Coop and Jimmy (that's MH's name) on Sunday instead of driving to our favorite restaurant. I love walking and am so happy my new house allows me to walk everywhere I need to go for the most part!

How I honored my body through food: I did some classics this week: BAS (big ass salad). These are my favorite way to effortlessly jam pack a ton of nutrients into one meal. I also stopped at Lucky's Market this week a few times for some pre cooked food as I wasn't totally settled into my new house yet but still wanted to grab some healthy bites. My favorite meal from there is their salmon + beet salad. Mm mm. And, because I have my own house and my own rules. I ate my food in my bed, like a boss, just because. I'm kind of excited about this. Basically, this week I feel like even through the craziness of moving, I still made healthy choices a priority..even if that meant I didn't cook it! #win image


How I spiritually honored my body: This week I bought Cheryl Strayed's new book: Brave Enough. It's a collection of quotes from her own books and her favorite quotes. I love this book (a separate post coming on it later this week).Reading her sometimes blunt but amazing words simply dug into my soul and helped me FEEL, even more so than normal. I'm an extreme introvert, and while I love my job of being social and training + networking everyday..I crave time alone. While it's never been a problem for me to make time for myself in the past, I've been finding myself getting so excited about things going on in my life I've given up that time I need to myself so badly. This week though, I made it a priority to really carve out time for me. Once that meant going to Whole Foods on Monday and eating breakfast alone. I also purposefully spent time away from my boyfriend, read alone, and really meditated on where I want my business to go--even if that meant in a towel, between work, I focused on me. Towel meditation is all the rage. (Side note: there is no perfect place for you time. My nana use to tell me to go meditate in closet if I needed, seriously.) Even though these times to myself were short periods, I'm so happy I made that high on my list. I truly feel like putting your mental health and happiness #1 on your priority list is honoring your body to the up most degree. If you don't feel good internally about you, and life..there's no way you could pour good back into others. image


So my friends, that's all she wrote. I had a great week. It was busy, I'm finishing it tired. But I'm in love with it. I'm absolutely in love with life.

What about you? How did you honor your body this week? Truly sit down and take some time to think about this.

If you didn't really focus Mapuche on it this week, how can you adjust things so next week you can finish saying "yes, I honored my body this week".

In light and love, Rachel

Moving Through Life


It has been too long. Way, way too long since I've shared my heart or passion. My apologies. I want to keep things consistent on here, so look forward to weekly posts from now on. My heart needs it, and my mind need it. I love sharing and helping you grow through not only your health and fitness journey but through life. Today I want to talk about moving. 

Get Up, Get Moving (& get out of your head)

When someone thinks of working out, or personal trainers I know that some of the first few thoughts that come to mind are somewhere along the lines of: this bitch is about to beat me to the ground, long workouts, burpees suck, I hope she doesn't know about the cake I just ate, or my least favorite---. shes judging me.

No--just no.

While I do want my clients (and everyone) to move, and move well. I want movement to be more than machines. More than scary boot camps, and more than 100 burpees.

Movement is more than hitting it hard for two hours in the gym. I'm not dissing that, if you dig it--great! Rock it out. You know what I would love though? Having women (and men!) see movement and health just a little differently.

Movement: the act, process, or result of moving (SCR addition---> in any damn way you want!)

No where is movement defined as going balls to the wall, flipping tires ect--while all that is awesome, I like to teach my SCR clients something a little different. It's time to break out of what you've been taught is the "right" or "only" way to move. Movement is what YOU want, how you want, when you want. Let me show you how.


Rock It Out

There was a point in time where I only cared about what my body looked like. I trained like an asshole to get results (don't do what I did). I didn't love the way I was moving, because I was moving for one reason and one reason only--validation. From anyone and everyone. How do my feelings relate to movement, and moving for your body? It all ties hand and hand with honoring not just your body, but your mind. When we move, and do so from a place of guilt/hate/shame--we are in no way honoring our body, but working against it.

What fixes that? Learning to move for YOU.

Sustainable results in your health and fitness journey, as well as life--your relationships, mindset ect; all need to be for you. Girl, you gotta rock it out. You have to start doing what makes YOU happy.

How do you discover how to move in a way that honors your body, mind and goals?

  1. Sit down, spend a few minutes breathing and truly thinking over what it is you want to gain from your health and fitness journey. Think also about what makes you happy. Is it zumba? Running? Lifting heavy ass weight? NO ONE is judging this answer--be honest and listen to your body.
  2. Allow yourself to be okay with whatever answer you came up with. It doesn't matter if all of your friends + great-aunt sally are standing on their head and spitting rubber nickels to feel healthy--you do you & work your hardest to be confident in that decision.
  3. Unsure? Go out and explore! Crawl around outside, take the dance class you've always wanted to, try pole dancing (hey--don't judge, I plan on doing it!), kick a ball around, try yoga, pick up weights for the first time. Feel around until you find a mix of what brings you joy. With that--know that every workout/ training session ect may not always be easy, but enjoying the type of movement is key to long-term success (in my humble opinion).
  4. Get up, get moving (&get out of your head). It's easy to get caught up in the process of it all. Humans are weird and like to over think things 43875934 times. Just get up, get up right now and rock it the eff out. Move in some way..anyway.

Have I lost you? Bare with meMy hope is that this post helps you break the chains of living in one specific fitness (and life) bubble. Don't feel there is only one way to move and explore your body--there are hundreds of ways. The gym isn't the only place where physical strength and mental growth is challenged and happens. It happens wherever and whenever you are open and willing.

With that, I challenge you. I take that back--I encourage you to take this week to move in new ways. Wanna know some of my favorite?

  • Dancing!! Eff yes to dancing all day everyday. I feel so happy and I love the way my body just moves. Choose a song and dance like no one is watching.
  • Parks! I love going to local state parks or even playgrounds and walking the trails. Being a part of nature rocks. We spent 99.9% of our days outside as kids..what the hell happened? Go back--have fun!
  • Roll + Crawl. I've found some serious joy rolling around on the ground with my son. I actually initiate the rolling down hills now more than he does and I love it. Crawling is another amazing form of movement and something that is so natural to us--uh, hello...babies crawl! Get down and crawl, I know you think I'm bat shit crazy...maybe I am (to be determined). It's an amazing full body movement, oh and talk about core being on fire!
  • Get funky with some kettlebells (if you know how!). If you know me--you know I'm in love with kettlebells. I love the powerful movements you create with them and the strength that is built. My biggest tip here: get educated before you start chucking bells at your friends heads. Take the time to be taught proper form always!

If you were waiting for a golden ticket or an invitation to stop following the fitness norm--here ya go. This is your invitation, break free! I hope you enjoy your journey of discovery, and find a form of movement that you love and enjoy. Most importantly, I hope that you learn to move for you, that you learn to honor your body through movement, through food that fuels your body well and through the practice of self-love.




Hey Strong Chicks! Here are your weekly bonus workouts. After I made this I sat down and my butt hurt (just trained legs/glutes), and I thought "core work is always fun...but I should throw them some extra booty work too."  

So here's a fun little glute focused workout for you:

  • 3x10-12 kettlebell sumo squat
  • 3x15 weighted hip thrusts
  • 3x15 elevated split stance squat R/L
  • 3x12 cable kickbacks R/L





This week I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes (not created by me)!




Breakfast: -Banana nut oatmeal

- Egg white crepes stuffed with nut butter and fruit

-Zoats (1 whole zucchini shredded into your oats with fruit + stevia)

-Stuffed peppers ( crack 1-3 eggs into pepper and bake at 350 for 25 min or until egg is cooked through)

-Chocolate Banana Bread Smoothie: (1 scoop shakeology + 1/2 zucchini + 1/2 frozen banana + 1 tsp cinnamon + 1 cup almond milk + 1 cup ice)`

-Shredded chicken omelet


Lunch/Dinner :

-Shredded chicken lettuce wraps

- Spinach salad topped with strawberries +goat cheese +shredded chicken +nuts

-Lemon Pepper tilapia + roasted zucchini

-Fish tacos + greek yogurt as sauce

-Spaghetti squash pizza topped with goat cheese + peppers + ground beef/meatballs

- Shredded chicken with lime rice + peppers







Farts And How To Listen To Your Body

[wr_video video_source_local="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxIkc2lbR7I" video_local_dimension_width="500" video_local_dimension_height="270" video_local_elements="play_button__#__overlay_play_button__#__current_time__#__time_rail__#__track_duration__#__volume_button__#__volume_slider__#__fullscreen_button__#__ " video_local_start_volume="80" video_local_loop="false" video_alignment="center" video_margin_top="10" video_margin_bottom="10" appearing_animation="0" disabled_el="no" video_sources="local" ][/wr_video]

Workout Wednesday!


Woohoo! Another Wednesday, another SCR workout. This one I'm super pumped about because I'm sharing one of my favorite variations of planks that really target your core and your upper body! Here we go:

As always, adjust the weights used to your fitness level. You should be using a weight that challenges you but still allows you to perform the move with proper form. Depending if you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced you can adjust the amount of circuits. I recommend 3-5 total circuits!


Hope you guys kill it today!


What Is Strong Chicks Rock?


That's a great question, I'm glad you asked. When you come to this site, it's www.rachelturner.com...my name! This site isn't about me though, it's the home for my career, my love, my gift to the world, Strong Chicks Rock.


Strong Chicks Rock, also SCR, started as an online personal training business 2 years ago. As a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, I wanted to start my "Job" asap. From the moment my certificate landed in my hands though, I KNEW I would never be a "normal" trainer. I didn't want to work in a gym. Not for me. I wanted to create a community for women, made up of women all striving towards one goal. To become the best versions of themselves possible through a healthy lifestyle.

It was wonderful and I was able to help women from all over the world reach their goals. For me, this wasn't enough though. SCR needed to become more.

With the over abundance of health and fitness resources there are out there, but still hundreds and thousands of women so beyond lost and confused where to go I finally knew what I had to do.

The Result I like to call what Strong Chicks Rock has now become, is a mix between a magazine and an "organized pinterest". Basically my goal is to bring to you, the woman who has just started her fitness journey, or the advanced athlete, a place to come learn and grow. A place to really, truly and honestly learn what the heck to do with your fitness journey. Covering a multitude of topics from form, workouts, food, diet fads, training tips, gear and so much more (que the cheesy music here).


This is a place for you to grow not only physically through your journey, but mentally as well. As we go deeper than the normal, "how to find the motivation to workout", or 5 foods to bust fat (don't worry--we'll hit those as well), you will truly discover how to live a fitness and spiritually balanced life.

We'll get down and dirty with meditation, mindfulness. This isn't just a place for fitness, but over all wellness. Fueling our minds with clarity, our muscles with strength our hearts with peace and our bodies with balance.

Come learn and grow with me, and the other contributing writers on this site!

The REAL Flat Belly Foods You Should Be Eating!


Magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few, are always trying to share with us the latest diet trends (ew, don't even like saying diet), flat belly foods and more. When you see these posts, blogs and articles sharing these "foods you must eat to obtain abs" and you are just beginning your health and fitness journey it can be really freaking confusing.

One may tell you to eat a bagel with peanut butter for breakfast, while another may say to eat berries and egg whites and to avoid the grains. So what are you to do? Who are you going to trust?


Let me share this little secret with you, none of them are necessarily right but they are all wrong.


The thing is, every single person is different. What you consider healthy and might eat for breakfast could make your best friend bloat and fart all day. Which, hello..clearly what you wanted was to cut the bloat. When we see the "flat belly foods" recommendations we can't put much truth into them.

How To Figure Out What You Need

You now know why we need to stay away from the opinions and views of others. Even those that come from a magazine, hey..they don't know YOUR body. However, you came here to learn the foods to cut the bloat and make you feel comfortable through the day. The no bullshit truth is that it's going to take trial and error. I could tell you to eat oats with berries and some hard boiled eggs for breakfast. That may not digest well for you though.

These eggs and potatoes (with the cute smile I made) work for my body, they fuel me and help me reach my goals. I only learned this after I applied the steps below!


Here's Your Plan Of Attack:

1.) Cut the processed food out of your diet. This means junk, sugary foods and food that have a long list of ingredients (most of which you can't pronounce!). I can say with 99.9% certainty that processed foods and sugary drinks/food will most definitely cause bloating and discomfort among many things.

2.) Find the healthy foods you like. This is the part that you may not enjoy, but in the long run it'll be worth it, to be able to et the foods that work for YOUR body. Test things out, see what works and doesn't. Try oats one morning, if you don't experience bloating, farting or other discomfort I would say that would then be your personal flat belly food.

There is no "one size fits all" approach to health and fitness. It's all about finding what works best for you. Give it a go, start testing things out to find the foods that fuel your body, and get you the results you want!

xo Rach

Break Out Of Your (Fitness) Cage!


Hey you wild thing you. You know how people say the gym is like a zoo?

Everyone running, not really getting anywhere. Not able to be free.

I like this reference because I think it's so true. Don't get me wrong I love the gym, after years of struggling with it, it has turned into a place I enjoy (most of the time). The thing is, I don't use it the way I "should".

Let's review a basic workout you may find on pinterest or some random website:

Smith machine squats Leg curls Leg press Abductor machine Adductor Machine Calf raises

Now, while these moves certainly will give you a result. It' may not be the best, nor the most efficient way to do so.

When you use machines, they are having you move in their line of motion, and not a natural path of motion. You are sacrificing all the benefits by being locked into the machine. We'll talk more about that later.

Training should be functional. When you limit yourself to machines only, you conform to what the machine wants you to do. Which may or may not play out in real life. Your body is meant to push, pull, squat, walk, twist, lunge. e.g, You should be able to squat down and pick up a case of water without a rounded back and our knees collapsing in.

Your training should enhance your life, help you move better and preform better. By training functional movements, correctly the outcome will enhance your life and body.


Here's a good example to help you understand better: The Squat is a move that is phenomenal and everyone should do it in some variation. However there are many components to this move, but when you only use the smith machine we are being restricted from doing a squat in a full range of motion, e.g, Being forced to move in this locked position, you won't get the booty gains you normally would from a full barbel squat.

When you squat with a barbel you aren't just focusing on your quads, glutes or hammies you are focusing on balance and your core like crazy. Having such a heavy load on your back, squatting down and driving up, require us to fully engage our core and keep it tight. BUT when we use the smith machine we don't have to do that because the bar is stabilized for us. Meaning it's connected to the machine, it doesn't allow you to control the bar.

Now you know why I don't use the smith machine, I'm not saying throw it out completely but lets focus on more functional movements that will give you more bang for your buck.

I'm not saying bail on the gym, but I am suggesting to use more bodyweight, use the barbel, squat//deadlift//use kettlebells. Beyond that, try taking your workout outside! Push and press logs, throw rocks..deaddlift them too, crawl, sprint. The possibilities are endless.


Here's a great workout you can do IN the gym, but without using machines:

Based on your fitness level do 3-5 circuits, use a challenging weight that allows you to perform the move with proper form.

12 Renegade Rows R/L 10 Push Ups 12 Weighted Burpees (Medicine ball OR EZ bar) 30 second Plank 10 Kettlebell Push Presses R/L 10 Kettlebell Swings

How are you currently training?

If you're using a lot of machines, how can you start to train more function to your program?

Let me know, leave a comment below!


Workout Wednesday!


imageHappy Wednesday to you all! Each wednesday I'm going to share with you all a fantastic fat burning workout--I guess I shouldn't say fat burning just to make it exciting, because lets be real here. If you're working out, sweating, moving, you're burning fat. So lets rephrase that. Every Wednesday I'll post a unique, never see before, bad ass, Strong Chicks Rock workout. Boom. Thats how you introduce some fitness right there.

Without further ado, here is todays workout. It's quick (like all of my workouts, because I don't feel like you need to spend hours training. When we train with efficiency and goal orientated there is no need to spend longer than we need.

The weight you use for these moves should be challenging, but not too much that you can't preform them with proper form. Based on your fitness level you should complete 3-5 circuits of this workout!

Go get your strong on,

xoxo Rach