Are you writing your IG captions to validate yourself to other coaches, or add value to your readers lives?

When you’re writing a post on IG, are you writing to validate yourself in the industry, or to add value to your readers lives?

I can spot validation posts from a mile away, they typically:

  • Are centered on the coach, they want to talk about their accomplishments in their workout/body.

  • Throwing shade at other coaches, without solving the problem.

  • Proving they are past their eating disorder/binging

Let’s pause:

Talking about your own accomplishments doesn’t make you a bad coach, but when there’s a constant need to feel like you have to make it known that you know what you’re doing or that you’re ‘better/recovered’, it’s a good time to evaluate what you’re doing and why.

You can make a ruckus in this industry without the validation of your peers. Actually, most of the time, doing great work will come from being brave enough to break the mold of who you thought you should be and begin to speak what you believe to be true.

Your IG may have started off as a place where you shared your heart, and I don’t want you to close it—however, if growing a heart centered business is of interest to you, I want you to stay aware that if you’re trying to prove yourself to other coaches, you’re going to miss out on serving the people who want the offer you’re so passionate about putting into the world.

What to do:

  • Before you post, be able to summarize what you want to teach in one sentence, if you can’t do this—sit with your thought and really figure out what the one thing you want to educate on is. Clear and concise is what people want.

  • If you’re sharing about you, totally fine, ask yourself though before you post: is this a personal post, a teaching post, both? Does this story about me add to the story or teaching? Is it necessary? You can 100% teach from your experience, but make sure it’s a teaching point and not just to validate yourself to other coaches.

  • Does the post serve value to your readers? What will there biggest takeaway be?

Your story is important, but other coaches aren’t who you’re talking to—you’re talking to the person you’re passionate about coaching, remember this.

Make a ruckus by speaking what you believe to be true, you don’t need to prove yourself to other coaches in order to have a successful business.