A Fitness Mentality That Is Total BS


Have you heard the phrase: "When you screw up, skip a workout, eat bad food, or sleep in. It doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club, there are about 7 billion of us."

I've seen this SO many times and it's something I just don't like. Why? Cool I'm glad you asked ;)

So let me get this right, only when I skip a workout or eat like shit I'm human? Now yes, I know I'm really stretching what is being said. Here's the thing though, everyone says this is a lifestyle..yet it's rare to find those who truly believe that.


If someone "falls off", meaning they might have had a bad weekend food wise, or they skipped a week or month of workouts, SO EFFING WHAT??????? Who cares. What did you fall off of? Are you riding a horse? You ate bad, now move on. Seriously. You get so caught up in "this is so bad, I ruined everything, my life is over" and you've been programmed to think that a bump in the road means you need to start over. This thinking is poop. Why? Because if a lifestyle had truly been adapted then you would continue to move on with life. The real "lifestyle change" comes from your mind. It's all how you see/eat and deal with food. You can eat like crap and quit, thinking you need to start over. Or you can eat crap, realize it didn't make you feel too hot and move on knowing that this is your life, and that mess ups may happen--and if they do it's truly okay.

Let's Fix The Problem

So this statement, is false. It contributes to the mentally of thinking you're not normal if you're not eating bad..which just perpetuates the fear of food, giving up, quitting and falling off. You're human, every moment of every day. Eating crappy doesn't qualify you as human, nor should it validate your reason for bingeing on a whole pizza.

We need to throw the words "fall off" out of our vocabs. Once you kicked those words to the curb, it's time to adopt a healthy mindset towards food and to truly see this as a lifestyle. I promise you when you do, this structure you've created in your mind of "start, eat crap, quit, start over" will go away.

A healthy life, is real life. When the two are separated in their own worlds is when things become a problem. Know that that healthy isn't an alien life form or a mysterious concept. Allow healthy to become who you are and not something you do Monday though Friday.