These 5 Things Will Happen When You Learn To Love Yourself

Self love is one of the buzziest of buzz words, and become such an "it thing" to do and want, but if you think about it—have you ever been taught what it means and how to accomplish it?

It's okay if you don't, because no one is telling you why or how you should want or achieve it. They just tell you that you need it, and attach self love to happiness. 

Love yourself = you'll be happy. Which sounds great right? 

Okay but what's in it for you? How will your life be impacted if you can learn how to love yourself?

The magnitude of your love for yourself will affect your life in the most transformative way. These are the top five things that have happened to the over 500 women I've worked with, using the strategies from the SCR customized coaching. 

1. You get to check your mask at the door, because the more you know and love yourself, the more you stop needing validation from others and can show up exactly as who you are.

2. You no longer need a size or number to determine your worth. You're able to truly learn balance and how to eat and move for your body because self love teaches you that you are enough. 

3. You become more confident. Not in a cocky way, in a very you way. Learning to love you, allows you to step into your power as a woman (or man), and stand in your truth. Imagine walking with your head up, shoulders back and feeling good about being in the space you're in.

4. You begin to feel at home in your body. Knowing that you are so enough, just as you are—allows your mind to slowly end the battle you've been fighting your whole life.

5. You enjoy life more! When you love yourself, you begin to let go of working so hard to say the right  thing to to the right person so they like you, you stop constantly worrying if you're enough, and you show up to life as you are—genuinely you. This allows you to relax and actually enjoy life. 

Remember, self love is the journey—it's not the end goal that a certain size will give you. It's available to you at any moment.