5 Ways To Practice Self Care

Throwing that pink and fuzzy bath-bomb into a hot bath isn't the only way you can practice self care. There are so many ways outside of things like a manicure, and a hot bath—for you to show yourself some love.

Self care are actions taken for you, by you. Acknwodlgeing what you need in your life, and doing what is required to meet those needs.

Many times with self care, you'll see references that say: practice self care so you can show up as a better wife/mother/sister/daughter/employee etc. 

Sure, when you're taking care of yourself and meeting your needs, you'll show up to those relationships more solid and content—but your primary reason for self care should be for you, and you alone. Otherwise it isn't self care, it would be them-care.

As a result of a self care routine that you stick too, you become more connected to your body, more empowered, and overall have that feeling of "being in the flow". 

Here are 5 ways you can practice self care, for you, and you alone. 

1. Get Accountable With Your Time

If you find yourself at the end of each day wondering where the day went, upset that you didn't get X done and now you realize you have no time for yourself to unwind or do the things you actually want to do, evaluate where your time is going each day and see if you can get more accountable with your time. Are you spending 45 min in bed before getting ready, scrolling IG, then wondering why you can't make time to make a yummy dinner each night? Time to get accountable with your time!

2. Set Boundaries

If you're a person who finds themselves saying yes to everything, then bailing on plans left and right because you realize you really didn't actually want to do those things, it's time to set some boundaries. What does that look like? Start saying no to things that you don't want to do. Would you rather stay home on a Friday night and not drop massive $$ with your friends, but you keep saying yes each week anyway? Say no, try it once. Honor what it is you want. This may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning if you're use to always saying yes, but it's time to say yes to yourself now. 

3. Write It out

Maybe you're like me and the idea of journaling sounds really nice but you don't know where to start and every time you write it end up sounding inauthentic? That's how I felt, until I found Katie Dalebout's book, Let It Out, A journey Through Journaling. This book has 55 different prompts. Some are long, some are short—but they all help you navigate your thoughts, and situations in your life. I found this book so healing, and I felt a real sense of accomplishment in using the book. I learned how to free write and work through a lot of feelings which was everything I never knew I needed.

4. Cry It Out

Sometimes crying is the most cathartic form of self care. It's okay if you're not okay. You don't have to hold it in to impress anyone. Sometimes I just need to cry it all out, let my emotions run through me and then I feel like I can better navigate what's in front of me.

5. Find A Form Of Movement You Love

When you move a muscle, you can change a mindset. Whether you love a good strength training session, a juicy yoga flow, dancing it out or a nice walk—finding a form of movement you love can help ground you, empower you and leave you feeling more connected to your body.

Remember that you self care practice is a non-negotiable. This time is how you show love, and honor your body. Whatever you choose, make it realistic, and commit to it. You do enough for others, you need time for you. What will that look like today?