5 Signs You're Being Ruled By Your Diet

When your diet begins to consume your life and all you can think about is your next meal—this definitely isn't a good sign and can only mean one thing—you're being ruled by your diet.

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5 Signs You're Being Ruled By Your Diet

1. You're always hungry. Literally always. Shakes/no carbs/ no fat etc will lead you into a fierce spiral of hunger 24/7. If you feel like your meals are too small and making your stomach grumble all day, it's time to take control back.

  • Tip: your diet shouldn't take out any major food groups. In order for full brain function + to feel like a normal human (and even to lose weight) you need protein, carbs and fat. 

2. You don't feel comfortable unless you've weighed, measured or tracked everything on your plate. Learning portions isn't the problem, that's actually an awesome thing to know. But when tracking/weighing and measuring become excessive and you can't eat without knowing the exact points/macros etc—it's time to reevaluate if this plan is for you.

  • Tip: remember that real life will last more than the terms of this diet. If how you're deciding how much food to eat isn't something you can see yourself doing when you're 80, what can you do to learn how to stop relying on tracking systems? My suggestion: keep a journal or use the notes section in your phone to document how you eat post meals. Do you feel satisfied? Too stuffed? Still hungry? Did you like what you ate? Could you have used another serving of fat? Keep note of how you feel and begin to lean into trusting yourself. 

3. You don't trust yourself. Okay this is big. If you're afraid to eat a cookie because you don't believe you can stop once you've started, or you see the cookie as 'bad' or 'outside of the rules', this is a big red flag that you may need to ditch the diet now and ask for help. Diets teach you how to follow their rules, what they don't do is teach you how to navigate life after the diet. This is why you find yourself diet jumping because you don't know how to navigate life without one. 

  • Tip: If you feel like you can't live life without the rules of a diet, this is where you ask for help. No one likes asking for help and I understand that, but if nothing you have done has lead you to happiness in your body and you feel lost. It's time to reach out to a friend, family, therapist, or qualified coach to lead you in the direction of learning how to trust your body. 

4. You're saying "I can't" to food and events multiple times a week. Life is always going to be happening, which means you need to learn how to be able to navigate things like weddings, summer, Christmas, birthdays etc. 

  • Tip: Instead of saying "I can't", say I don't want to. Begin to see how that feels and if it actually aligns with how you truly feel. You may feel like saying you don't want to is actually a lie, because you do want to go to that wedding, you just don't know how to go without freaking out about food. Once you start to hear yourself talking about what you want and don't want, you may be surprised at the power it leads to you ditching diets for good.

5. You hate life, your food and you're pissed af. If you aren't happy, hate the food your diet is telling you to eat and find yourself angry at life 24/7, this is a sure fire sign that you gotta let this diet go and create a plan that works for you.

  • Tip: ask yourself, "what would this look like if it were easy?" and "how do I want to feel around food and in my body?". Answering these questions may help you come into a clear thought process to decide what your next step is. 

What Now?

Okay, what do you think? Is your diet ruling your life? If you resonated to any of the above signs, it may be time to retire the diet for good.

But, that's scary af. I mean, of course you don't want to diet and if you felt like you didn't have to, you would have given it up a long time ago. Right? So what's a girl to do?

Well, I'm launching my new 12 week program called Food Freedom, on May 19th.

This program is designed to help women break up with their diets and learn how to trust and love their body (like, for real). 

Through 12 weeks, you'll gain all the knowledge, confidence, support & accountability you'll need to eat pizza and ice cream without feeling guilt. You'll learn how to eat for your body, create a self care routine, and exercise with intention—dropping the horrible feeling of working out as a form of punishment for food eaten. 

I can't wait for this program to launch—if you're in need of some serious food freedom, this may be for you.

Disclaimer: Food Freedom nor this blog post is a diagnosis for an eating disorder. If you think you have an eating disorder, I encourage you to reach out to NEDA or a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. This article + Food Freedom is based off of my own opinion + beliefs. 


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