5 Resources That Can Help You Navigate The Holidays With Peace

So welcome to the week where the holidays are in full force bat shit crazy mode.

The holidays in general use to cause me SO MUCH stress. I was so focused on buying things, then stressed about the money spent on said things, that at the end the end of the day I never even found myself enjoying the holidays. To top it all off with, I spent these months even more overwhelmed because of all of the food. Going to parties left me with anxiety. Would I over eat? Would I hate myself later? Should I eat before I go?

Needless to say, I get you. 

But hey! Maybe you actually feel totally fine and that's rad. This year, I feel ease and calm. I'm sitting here writing this with the biggest smile on my face because this sense of peace is new to me during this time. So today I want to share a few ways that you can manifest and hold onto your light, love and happiness during this time.

5 Resources To Help You Stay In The Flow

1.) Meditation. Okay, I understand the idea of meditating may be seem like this drawn out thing that you have to "be good at". That is SO FALSE. Meditation isn't about telling your thoughts to F off, it's about creating the time alone and honoring what does arise without giving life to those ideas/thoughts. My favorite meditation is from Gabby Bernstein. It's 5:45 long and has been my go to for years. This is actually the first mediation I ever did. Listen to it HERE.

2.) In THIS article: 11 Beautiful Ways To Say Grace, some truly wonderful ways to create intention and love around your food are shared. I wasn't raised "saying grace", and though I find myself a spiritual person--traditional methods of prayer before eating were never my jam...until I stumbled upon this post that beautifully allowed me to show thanks for my food and take out the worry/stress that I choose to feel around it.

3.) Podcasts are my absolute JAM. I think I love them so much because they allow me to feel a sense of connection to the human that's speaking that social media and blogs don't allow. As we navigate the holiday season and really just life, we are so hustle and bustle--but at the end of the day what we really crave is connection. So if you're looking for ways to love yourself and get connected, podcasts on your way to work or as you get ready are such an awesome way to make that happen. Here are some that may help you through this week:

-Katie Dalebout with Guest Simi Botic (guess what, BOTH of these babes will be on podcast in 2017..talk about a full heart right now *insert tears*)

-Liz Dialto with guest Susana Frionni

-My podcast on doing things that make you feel alive + How To Navigate The Holidays Feeling Powerful

4.) DANCE IT OUT. When nothing seems to be going right and you feel filled with emotions that you don't know how to deal with--DANCE. Your feelings emotions don't want to be locked up and ignored. They simply want to move through you. When you move a muscle, you change a mindset. Here's my favorite to jam out to right now.

SAY IT (Feat. Trove Lo) 


5.) Are you simply in a funk and need to get out? I have a guide for that. Click HERE to download your free copy of this three day guide to getting out of any funk.

6.) Mantras. If you're unfamiliar to mantras, they are simply positive words or phrases that you repeat to yourself to change your mindset. Your mind being the powerful boss babe that it is, can highly benefit from the active choice to change the conversation you have going in your mind. How it works: pick a word or phrase in the present tense. EX: I am powerful. Not "I want to be powerful".

You can simply recite the phrase in your head, but if you can speak out loud and do it with conviction, you can change your mindset much more quickly.

Here are a few mantras that help me the most:

  • I am okay
  • I am safe and guided
  • I am grounded, powerful and strong
  • I am love

Okay babe--there you have it. 5 (+ a bonus freebie) ways to stay in your flow this holiday season.

An additional way to navigate your feelings and emotions?

Let's talk about it.

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How are you doing?

No, I don't want you to answer with "good".

How are you really doing?

Share your heart with me. Whats going on with you? Maybe you just need someone to listen, and today I want you to know that I'm here to support you and listen.

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