5 Clients Share Their Honest Feelings About Joining Strong Chicks Rock

You've been stalking the @strongchicksrock IG page for basically forever, you are vibing the message of breaking up with dieting, learning to love your body (for real), and getting stronger. 

BUT, you don't know if this will really work for you. 

Girl, you are not alone. 

Most women who join my custom coaching program email me with something like this:

"I've been wanting to reach out to for years and I know this is really weird....."

Here's what I want you to know

  • It's not weird to reach out, even if you just want to say hello or that you too fart in happy baby pose. 
  • I actually like what I do, so I enjoy answering your questions. 
  • SCR is inclusive to all women. No matter what your race or sexuality, job, fitness level or anything else is, this is an an open space for women to grow and learn. 
  • It's scary to join a tribe of women who you don't know, I know this. You are not alone. But we have two rules here: no judgement, and be kind. #kindnessrocks. 

Here's what 5 of my clients said about how they felt before they joined, right after they joined, and now that they've been a part of the team!




Before: Reaching out to to Rachel I was terrified. I had a message typed in my notes for about two months but I had been following SCR for over a year maybe 2🤔? I was just nervous because I was so used to what I was doing I was afraid that reaching out I would be judged and that it wouldn't work for me. 

After I signed up: Luckily once I messaged you I felt like a weight had been lifted (I may have cried which was semi embarrassing Bc people were around me 😂) but I felt like I had finally done something for myself. You talked me through it and I just felt as ease!

Now Being A Part Of SCR: Being a part of SCR I am still working towards my confidence of posting on the page and such. First step was my pb cup yesterday. I've only done two workouts thus far (doing my third today) and I feel that it is working, both physically and mentally. Thus far you've been my cheerleader which is a different form of validation. It's saying you can do this but it's up to you and that you're there no matter what. So thank you!! (And I'm crying again)


Before: I was frustrated, sad, unhappy, and lost. I didn't like myself but I didn't know how to fix that. 

After: SO EXCITED! I literally kept checking my inbox for my program. When it arrived I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! Not gonna lie though, I was also nervous and definitely had those thoughts of "wtf have I just done? I can't change my body or how I view myself"

Now Being A Part Of SCR: Best. Decision. Ever. I am so glad that I found you and SCR because it has truly changed my life and how I view myself. It's one of those "I can't imagine life without this" type of feelings. My confidence, my positive self-talk and my overall way of being has dramatically improved thanks to this tribe of women and the best leader/ personal trainer/coach anyone could ask for.




Before: Terrified to be so vulnerable to someone I've never met.

After signing up: As soon as I hit send, I felt a weight lifted off of my chest. I felt calm, ready, and determined to begin my journey.

Now Being A Part Of SCR: Being a part of SCR has been exceptionally awesome. I have a support system, friends, and a personal trainer who is beyond passionate about our feelings and our fitness journey. SCR has enabled me to be vulnerable and powerful AF all at once.



Before: I was nervous to join. I knew Hillary (sister) was really liking it and getting positive growth out of the group, but I was in a moment when I didn't know if anything would help me shift my mindset. I was also nervous to leave a fitness group that I had been in for years but wasn't getting why I needed on an emotional level.

After: Right after I joined, honestly I felt a bit overwhelmed but I felt like you really cared about me as an individual and not just as someone who is paying you for a service. I looked at my workouts and was so pumped that 1. They met me where I was on a fitness level and 2. That they weren't the same as my sisters. I LOVED the individuality.

Now Being A Part Of SCR: Now that I'm in my fourth month, I feel confident, supported, and I have found a group of women that I've never met face to face but who give me more support than some people in my everyday life that call me "friend."  I feel like we are all in the trenches together - fighting to figure out our best selves and figure out life - and I feel more vulnerable than I have allowed myself to feel in awhile... but I feel so good about that as a whole! You open yourself up to us and are here for us in a way that I wasn't getting from other coaches or trainers before and I am so much better than I was four months ago. I am excited to see where the next four months take me!



Before: Skeptical (is this really going to work)

After Signing Up: Nervous/anxious (what is it going to be like, will I feel too vulnerable to share)

Now Being A Part Of SCR: best decision ever (this is going into my third week and I feel very supported, connected and empowered by this tribe and I can start to see mindset changes happening already!)


I know that reaching out to me feels vulnerable. I also know you want to feel comfortable in your skin, happy, and I know you want to walk past the mirror and love what you see—you can learn to do all of this through the SCR Custom Coaching Program.

Here's what I encourage you to do:

  • DM me on IG, fill out this contact me form,  reach out on FB or email me at: strongchicksrock.rachel@gmail.com and with either your questions, or if you feel super awkward and don't know what to say, just type the word: nut milk in your message and I'll take it from there and ask you questions about your goals, where you want to be and find out if we'd be a good mesh. 
  • Read over my program page HERE. See if your goals, align with how I coach and what you'll get out of this community. 
  • Be honest, leap. It's okay. There is never TMI with me. Share what's up, I want to know. The more honest you can be about where you are and where you'd like to be, help me see how I can best coach you and determine if we are a good fit. Which is super important to me. I want you to feel confident in the coach you pick!
  • If you decide SCR is for you, you can head HERE and add your name to the waitlist. We open up enrollment on the 1st and 1th of each month to the first 5 women who sign up, but if you're on the waitlist you get first dibs. 

Can't wait to hear from you! Don't worry, you aren't alone in feeling weird about reaching out. I promise though, it's not weird.