3 Secrets Your Personal Trainer Wants You To Know

You want to sign up for personal training or some kind of fitness/lifestyle coaching but you keep deciding that you don't need help, even though you would actually love some help.

Your mind is spinning at 100mph with what you think this personal trainer or coach is going to say about your life...wait, STOP RIGHT THERE BABE. I want you to know the truth, you deserve the truth.

While I can't speak for other coaches, I can speak for myself and this is what I want you to know.

1. I don't expect you to crush it

I know you think that starting a new program means you need to go balls to the wall, beat yourself into the ground and push past all limits. But that kind of all or nothing mindset can be super defeating, and like hello—you're just beginning this. Why would I expect you to crush something that is brand new to you? Or at least newish, again.

For my clients at least, I meet them where they're at. Which means your fitness program and nutrition makes sense for where you're at, what you can do, and starts you on a path to empower you, not drill that all or nothing mindset in. That way you can come into this new venture feeling confident in the direction you're going in, leaving the failure mindset in the past because you're moving at a pace that feels so good

2. I'm not judging you

I'm sure no matter how many times I say this you may not believe it, but like #1, I don't expect you to crush it. I don't think that you're paying me because you have everything all together and perfect. Just like you wouldn't expect me to go into your job as say, an accountant and crush it, right? Would you judge me for not getting it all on day one? I would hope not. You would understand this is new to me and that I need some time to get the hang of it all.

I promise, I'm not judging you for how you look, what you wear, how you move, what you ate last night or anything else. Just come as you are, and we will start there. 

3. I don't want you to be like or look like me

At least in the fitness industry, I see women signing up with other trainers because they want to look like those trainers. Which to a degree I understand. But I don't want you to look like me or be like me, I want you to do you. I don't want you eating the same meals as me. I want to give you the tools and coaching you need to come into YOUR best you. I want you to learn how to make empowered eating decisions. I'm not trying to build replicas of who I am, I'm hoping to equip women with the tools they need to be their best selves. 

As coaches and trainers, we all want to help women feel their bests. I know you may be thinking that we are thinking a bunch different things—all I can speak is for is me, and I can promise that I just dig empowering women and meeting them where they're at. There's no room for hate, judging or anything else other than love and kindness over here. I pinky promise.