3 Workouts To Do In 25 Min Or Less

Are you a busy mom, college student or simply a woman who doesn't have time to waste frolociking in the gym? Girl I get you. 

I know you have a life and things to do and you don't really have a desire to spend hours in the gym, and here's a secret—you don't have to. 

You can get mad awesome results, in only 25 min. I know this because it's how I've trained for the last 5 years and it's how I train my clients as well. 

I totally get the fact that the thought of achieving results in only 25 min seems damn near impossible, with valid reasoning too. Diet industry has taught you that you need to spend hours  in the gym, when at the end of the day—as long as you know this, you'll be golden: train smarter, not harder.

Sure, standing on a bosu ball with one leg, curling a weight then pushing it overhead looks cool, but why are you doing it? If you can take the basic movements, adjust them to your fitness level, and train smarter—not harder, now you're winning baby.

You can make a goblet squat the hardest thing you've ever done. Are you grabbing the same weight each time you go to lunge? Breezing through it without breaking a sweat? Up that weight, make it hard. 

You're about to grab 3 workouts that can be done in 25 min or less. Here's what you need to know:

  • Adjust them to your fitness level. Meaning you may need to adjust reps/sets depending on where you are in your journey.
  • Make them hard for you. What's hard for your BFF will vary from what's hard for you. Challenge yourself, while maintaining good form. Up the weight to a place that challenges you, yet still able to get out the reps. 

Here are 3 workouts you can do in under 25 min:

Workout #1- Kettlebell Quicke

Set a timer for 20 min and complete as many rounds as possible with good form. The goal here is to move fast, rest as little as possible (however, do rest when you need it) and move well.

  • KB Swing x12
  • Double KB Front Racked Squat x10
  • Alternating KB Overhead Press x10 R/L
  • Double Bent Over KB Row x12

Workout #2- Upper Body Strength 

Start with A1, complete the amount of reps, then move to A2. Rest for as little amount of time as possible then begin again with A1, then A2. Do this for 3-4 sets depending on your time allotted and fitness level. Once you finish 3-4 rounds of A, move to B.

  • A1-Push Ups x8
  • A2-Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press x10


  • B1-Cable Face Pull x15
  • B2-Double Bent Over Row


If you have time, you can add this finisher (smart cardio) to the end of your workout.

Set a timer for 5 min and complete as many rounds as possible with good from:

  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 10 KB swings


Workout #3- Barbell Complex

This is a barbell complex. The barbell will stay in your hands for the duration of the workout. Once you go through it all once, you can set it down. When you're finished with your rest (as minimal as possible), pick the bar up and complete the next round and so on for the amount of sets listed (modify this for your fitness level). So you'll begin with an RDL, do 10 reps, then without setting the barbell down, move onto push press etc. You'll want to choose a weight that's light-moderate so you can move the weight with solid form for all 3-5 sets (choose appropriately based on fitness level).

  • RDL x10
  • Push Press x10
  • Bent Over Row x10
  • Front Squat x10