3 Ways To Stop Dieting Forever

I know, It's a pretty bold statement. Stop dieting forever? YASSSSSS babe. Seriously. I won't make this intro long because with such an attention grabbing title, I want to give you what you came here for. Ready?

1.Determine How You Want To Feel. 

Those 5lbs you want to lose isn't what you really want. I know you think it is, but it's the feeling you're after. You want to feel confident, happy and you want to love your body. You think that those 5,10 or 15lbs will allow you to achieve those feelings--but feelings don't happen with weight loss. Those feelings are a choice you can obtain no matter what you weigh. You must however let go of the notion that happiness is determined by size. Decide how you want to feel, and begin to work on actively obtaining those feelings and less of living in the story that size determines your worth.

2. Don't Eat Food You Don't Like

So you saw a girl with abs on instagram eat chicken, broccoli and rice. Now you eat chicken, broccoli and rice. This lasts Monday-Friday, but Friday night you feel DEPRIVED and angry that you're doing this stupid diet to get abs and at this point you really don't care anymore so you're going to eat not just one piece of pizza, but the whole thing + 1 pint of ice cream, and at this point of the "fuck its", you're going to continue this through the weekend until Monday, when you begin with the chicken again. See what I'm saying? If you're eating "healthy foods" that you think will help you reach your goals, but you keep binging on the weekends, always ending up back in square one--something has to change. What do you do instead? Write a list of the ALL of the foods you do like. Those you deem healthy, and those you think aren't. When you're planning what you'll eat for the week, include a mix of BOTH. 

Example: I love burgers, eggs with cheese, English muffins, lima beans, brussel sprouts, greek yogurt, chocolate chips and pancakes.

So I'll have an English muffin for breakfast with eggs, for lunch I'll have brussel sprouts cooked in butter with steak (ya girl doesn't like chicken too much). Maybe another day I'll do protein pancakes with 1TBSP chocolate chips on top.

You see what I'm doing here? I'm mixing the things I LOVE with the things that I view are healthy too.

PSA: This is actually a little tough to do because you're going against that diet mentality. Stick with it! The 40 calories from those chocolate chips are going to prevent you from binging on 4,000 in one sitting on the weekend.

3. Have Foods You Don't Deem "clean"

Okay, read the fine print here: If you go M-F eating super clean, you're always going to feel restricted and more likely to binge on the weekend. So when you implement step 2, eating foods you actually like--make sure there is some good stuff in there. Here's what I mean.

Cream in your coffee may have been something that you thought would "ruin" your progress--but girl, break it down with that creamer. If something as small as a couple of TBSP of creamer in your coffee makes you feel like you're not restricting yourself--do it! This really looks like "small cheats" (even though I LOATHE the word cheat) throughout the week. Little things, that make you feel normal, because hello, you are.

Other things it could look like:

-Cheese in your eggs

-Chocolate chips in your oatmeal 

-Pancakes (the normal kind)

-Bowl of popcorn on a Monday night

-Cereal for breakfast 


My client Maggie beautifully demonstrating how implementing all three steps have led her to a no diet lifestyle!

My client Maggie beautifully demonstrating how implementing all three steps have led her to a no diet lifestyle!


I know you feel like you need to eat like the cleanest person in the world to reach results. But if you're eating to the point where you're binging every weekend, having things like a random donut, a bowl of cereal or pancakes will keep you at a level where you can continue to honor your body with nutritious food, and still make results without the constant binging.

I know the thought of not dieting ever again seems bat shit crazy.

If you implement these things though, I really feel confident in the fact that you can live a no diet lifestyle and find some real balance...do you trust me?